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April 18, 2021

ISU Bucharest has received 40 underground intervention devices with greater autonomy

The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) of Bucharest has received on Tuesday 40 devices for underground intervention, very useful in saving lives in the event of accidents, to be used in particular at the subway.
“The devices we were equipped with ensured an intervention time of up to 40 minutes. Now, the new ones will allow for a greater autonomy. At the subway, something can occur; an accident in the tunnel, there can be smoke, fire, victims. Should firemen intervene using the old devices, with 40 minutes autonomy, minus 15 minutes to enter and exit, this means they do not have enough time for lengthy interventions during rescue missions inside the tunnel”, Raed Arafat (photo), head of the Emergency Situations Department within the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) stated on the occasion.
According to Arafat, with the help of the new devices, which provide a minimum of 85 minutes of autonomy – and go up to 240 minutes of autonomy when a cooler is employed – a total of 40 rescuers will be able to go underground and perform rescue operations.
The head of the Emergency Situations Department added that the devices received by ISU could also be used in areas where toxic gases are present, as they provide very good isolation to firemen.
The MAI official also mentioned that the acquisition is a first step in the endowment of the firemen and that the local branches of the Inspectorate will also receive such equipment.
“There has been an analysis, we have conferred with French experts, they came over, assessed the situation and the problem was that we did not have devices with lengthy autonomy. (…) There are devices that are also used by the rescuers in mines, they are extremely necessary. There is safety on the side of the fireman as well, because they emit sound signals [in case of emergency]”, Arafat added.
MAI has invested approximately 330,000 euros in the acquisition of the devices in question and replacement accessories.
An intervention device is provided with a two-liter oxygen cylinder, a pressure reducing valve, a mask and an ice cooler.

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