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May 24, 2022

Oprea: UNPR will vote in Parliament together with coalition it is part of, in Fiscal Code case

National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) Chairman Gabriel Oprea on Tuesday said that UNPR will vote on the Fiscal Code together with the ruling coalition of which it is part.
“We are convinced that the technical discussion on Thursday on the Fiscal Code will open dialogue and a technical solution will be found among all parties. These discussions will have a result, then a political decision will be made. The UNPR will vote in Parliament, as always, together with the ruling coalition it is part of. In the discussion on Thursday, the UNPR will participate without any mandate,” Gabriel Oprea told a news conference.
He added that “beyond any political interest, these discussions will open dialogue and they will end with a political agreement among all parties.”
Parliamentary parties’ representatives will have a technical meeting on the Fiscal Code, which was sent back to Parliament for re-examination by President Klaus Iohannis, at the Palace of Parliament on Thursday.

“I have never had justice problems in my entire career”

National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) Chairman Gabriel Oprea on Tuesday said that in his entire career he had never had justice problems.
“When you take over certain public offices, in the public life, there are both satisfied people and dissatisfied people, there are very many complains. It is the role of justice, I have never questioned the role of justice. In my entire career, during which I sought to do my job, I have never had problems with the justice of Romania. One can have complaints, this doesn’t mean one is different,” Oprea told a news conference, when asked if tehre is a criminal file on his name at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), as Elena Udrea had claimed.
He added that the UNPR has always advocated strengthening state organisations and mostly strengthening justice

UNPR launches five themes from its national programme for public debate

The National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) on Tuesday launched five themes from its national programme called “Safety and prosperity for Romania” for public debate.
“The five themes are national rebirth, state operation, the role of Romania in the world, the functioning of the economy and a new social state. Nearly 100 years after the 1918 Union, I believe we have to define a long-term vision for Romania. UNPR has undertaken to complete this mission and invites all the parties to a fair dialogue on these themes,” UNPR national leader Gabriel Oprea told a news conference.
He added that national rebirth entails restoring demographic balance, and it is closely related to family values.
“We aim for a family-oriented instead of individual-oriented governance. As actual measures we suggest support for families with children, not through direct benefits, but by providing quality public service. For instance, an increase in the number of public kindergartens that will take care of infants aged up to one year, and extending the free after-school programme until the 18:00hrs,” said Oprea.
As far as the functioning of the state is concerned, Oprea suggests an increase in public pay at the same time with overhauling the public system.
“The functioning of the economy is another vital theme to Romania. UDMR’s committed vision entails consolidation of the national economy taking into account the assets and opportunities of Romania as a country. There are five levers we can actuate to the benefit of Romania: a tax code that boosts investment; encouraging Romanian capital; protecting highly-qualified resources; agriculture and transport development,” said Oprea.

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