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March 30, 2023

Ponta holds talks with Health, Finance and Labour ministers on pay scale in healthcare. Health staff salaries go up by 25pct from October 1st

Prime Minister Victor Ponta at the Government House on Tuesday had a working meeting with Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici and Labour Minister Rovana Plumb, to discuss pay in the public healthcare system.
Gov’t sources said the percentage by which salaries in the public healthcare system are going to be increased will be specified depending on the financial calculations and the budgetary impact of the measure.
At the same time, according to the same sources, the health minister is going to continue the discussions with the unions on pay rises, while such a meeting is most likely going to take place on Tuesday.

Healthcare system might see pay rises in October, Health Ministry representatives say

In October, there will be pay increases in the healthcare system, however a clear percentage in this respect cannot be specified yet, representatives of the Health Ministry (MS) told Agerpres.
According to them, discussions on the pay scale for medical staff also continued this morning at the Health Ministry headquarters, with Health Minister Nicolae Baniciou holding talks with representatives of the Doctors’ College and those of resident doctors.

PM Ponta: Health staff salaries go up by 25pct from October 1st

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has confirmed that health staff salaries will increase by 25pct starting with October 1st

“We are able, from October 1st this year, (…) to perform a 25pct increase of the existing wages for the entire health staff”, the Prime Minister stated, adding that the yearly budgetary impact amounts to approximately 1.7 billion lei.

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