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October 2, 2022

PNL’s Gorghiu: We must set pace, phases of public sector pay rises

The National Liberal Party’s (PNL) co-president Alina Gorghiu says the Victor Ponta Government has drawn Romania into a “spiral of populism” and stresses the pace and phases of the pay rises in the public sector should be set.
“The Ponta Government has drawn Romania into a spiral of populism. Everything started from the draft public workers’ pay law, which has given millions of Romanians working in the state sector the illusion of major salary rises in a short time. Victor Ponta is a Premier lacking credibility, who wishes to stay in power at all costs. He tries to buy the people’s goodwill and has triggered a wave of unions’ claims, that started with the doctors and seems to go on with the teachers and policemen. Things will certainly not stop here. Even though the claims of various public sector brackets are absolutely legitimate, it is obvious they cannot be met simultaneously, without compromising the country’s financial-budgetary stability”, Gorghiu said in a release to AGERPRES on Tuesday.
The Liberals, their co-chair says, consider the Government cannot manage the wave of social discontent.
“Our call on the other political forces to dialogue, particularly on the Tax Code and the [public sector] pay law, is now more topical and more necessary than ever. Victor Ponta does not want to wait for the result of the consultations that the PNL called on the pay issue, because he no longer is the president of a party. Ponta wants to drain the budget of Romania so that no party, not even [his] Social Democrats [PSD] could govern in peace [with the unions]. It is his revenge for the defeat suffered in the PSD and for the defeat in last year’s presidential elections”, she stressed.
Gorghiu underscored the teachers, doctors and other professional brackets have good reasons to demand pay rises, but these must be made in a “coherent” and “responsible” manner.
“We must set the pace and phases of the pay rises in the public sector”, she pointed out.
As for the doctors’ situation, the Liberal head says the PSD Government had a last-minute reaction to their unprecedented action.
“The medical staff proved extraordinary solidarity of profession in their protest. Nevertheless, it is impossible to understand why a Government that endlessly boasts its economic performance ignored the doctors’ situation until things got to a critical point”, Gorghiu said.

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