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May 13, 2021

Prahova Police beheaded: Chief anticorruption officer, deputy police inspector, organised crime officer handcuffed

Head of the Prahova County Anticorruption Service (SJA) with the Anticorruption Directorate General (DGA) Constantin Ispas, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Prahova County Police Inspectorate Adrian Radulescu, and Emanuel Saghel, officer with the Ploiesti Brigade against Organised Crime (BCCO) on Monday evening were taken out handcuffed of the main offices of the Ploiesti branch of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) after being held on corruption charges.
The three were to be driven to the detention house of the Prahova County Police Inspectorate and brought to court on Tuesday to be placed under preventive detention.
Upon leaving the DNA offices, Emanuel Saghel replied that he expected to get there because he knew how they operated, while Adrian Radulescu said he did not expect that.
Ispas is standing accused of influence peddling, financial operations, such as commercial operations, incompatible with his current position, bribe taking, using directly or indirectly insider information and allowing access of unauthorised persons to such information, money laundering and abusive investigation.
Ispas would have repeatedly received from two persons in the crosshairs of the tax authorities considerable amounts of money in order to initiate and carry out criminal investigations against Police officers involved in solving a case of the Prosecution Office with Prahova Tribunal where the two were facing charges of tax evasion.
In summer 2012, in his capacity as head of the Prahova County Anticorruption Service, Ispas announced a person under investigation that a home search was about to be conducted in a case pending with the Prosecution Office with the Ploiesti Tribunal.
Ispas is also supposed to have repeatedly persuaded the manager of a company to offer ill-gotten material benefits to the company owned by someone in his close circles.
Also investigated in the same case is Emanuel Saghel, an officer with the Ploiesti Brigade against Organised Crime (BCCO), who stands accused of blackmail, influence peddling, direct or indirect use of confidential information, or allowing access of unauthorized persons to such information, and bribe taking.
Judiciary sources claim that in his capacity as judicial police officer with BCCO Ploiesti, and acting under the delegation of competence ordered by DIICOT Ploiesti, Saghel threatened a journalist, both directly and through middlemen, with criminal investigations and preventive measures to force him to not publish material exposing Saghel.
Emanuel Mihail Saghel also stands under the suspicion of having provided between March and November 2014, in his capacity as head of the Anti-terrorist Financing and Anti-money Laundering Service of BCCO Ploiesti, insider information to a person investigated in a criminal case of DIICOT Ploiesti.
In exchange for such actions, he received tickets (between 5 and 30) for each to the home matches played by FC Petrolul Ploiesti, and buffet treats in one of the lodges of the Ploiesti stadium.
Radulescu is standing accused of abusive investigation after getting confessions under duress.
Judicial sources say Adrian Radulescu, an officer with the Ploiesti branch of the Anticorruption General Directorate (DGA), who is currently filling the position of IJP Prahova deputy head, and Constantin Ispas – a police officer with the professional rank of chief commissioner and head of the DGA Prahova County Anticorruption Service, have used threats and promises to determine three persons to make confessions against Prahova County Fraud Investigation Service police officers who handled a criminal case in the dockets of the Prosecution Office with the Prahova Tribunal.
The confessions thus obtained resulted in two criminal cases registered with the DNA Central Office, in which DGA Ploiesti officers were assigned to investigate.

Officers Ispas, Radulescu, Saghel, brought before Prahova Tribunal for preventive detention

The three senior law enforcement officers of Prahova county Police, detained by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) since Monday evening, have been brought before the Prahova Tribunal on Tuesday for 30-day preventive detention each.

Prahova county anticorruption, organised crime offices searched by corruption prosecutors

The Ploiesti Anticorruption Directorate General (DGA) and the Prahova Brigade against Organised Crime (BCCO) have been searched on Tuesday morning by prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA).
Judicial sources explained that the searches regard the offices of two senior officers detained on Monday evening – head of the Prahova County Anticorruption Service with the Anticorruption Directorate General Constantin Ispas and head of the Ploiesti Brigade against Organised Crime Emanuel Saghel
In a press statement on Tuesday, DNA informed that its prosecutors on Tuesday were conducting searches in eight locations in the counties of Prahova and Dambovita, in a case related to corruption, justice obstruction and individual freedom violation allegedly perpetrated in 2010 – 2015.
“Prosecutors within the National Anticorruption Directorate – Ploiesti Territorial Service are conducting investigations in a criminal case aimed at suspicions on committing some corruption offenses, offenses obstructing justice and against individual freedom, in 2010 – 2015. On August 18, after having obtained the legal warrants from the relevant institution, searches are being conducted in eight locations, in the counties of Prahova and Dambovita, of which two are the headquarters of some public institutions, the rest representing the homes of some individuals,” a DNA release shows.
In the case, the prosecutors benefit from support of the Department of Intelligence and Internal Protection (DIPI) and the Gendarmerie’s Special Intervention Brigade.

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