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September 28, 2021

Deputy PM Oprea hopeful that Ponta Cabinet will carry through its term

Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea hopes and wishes for the Ponta Cabinet to carry through its term in office, adding that the incumbent ruling coalition is solid.
“Victor Ponta is a very good prime minister. The incumbent ruling coalition is solid. I hope and wish for that. This is a good government and I hope Victor Ponta will carry through his term in office,” Oprea told private broadcaster Antena 3 on Tuesday evening.
Asked whether the Government may be nervous about a motion of censure being filed against it in the autumn session, Oprea said, “I do not think so. The ruling coalition is currently solid. We have the necessary number of MPs. The Ponta Cabinet has got good economic results that could get better. Romania is one of Europe’s first three economies. The economic results are good and they can become very good.”
He added that the money collected to the national budget should be distributed in a way that will satisfy the business community and the citizens as well.
“It is very important that the distribution way satisfy the demands of the business community, and also of the citizens, who are expecting even pay rises. A fair ratio between the business community, which generates money, and the citizens is very important,” said Oprea.
He added that his National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) has been co-opted in the ruling coalition because it is serious.
“We are more serious than others. We have always kept our word. Keeping your word is the most important or the hardest thing in life, and particularly so in politics. We have always kept our word. We have respected the governing coalitions of which we were a part. We have done our duty. At the same time, we have respected the chief of state, currently Mr Iohannis, in all his national security projects, because he is elected by the Romanian people. I guess this is an atypical way of doing politics, a more serious manner and that is why they are reaching up to us; we are serious people who stay particularly when the going gets tough,” added Oprea.

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