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August 8, 2022

Geiger Mountain Bike Challenge among Romania’s most praised cycling competitions

Almost 350 pro and amateur bikers will take the start on Sunday, in Sibiu, in the final stage of the 2015 MTB Triad, the ‘Geiger MTB Challenge,’ now in its eighth year. This is one of Romania’s most important and appreciated bike racing competitions, the organizers said, according to Agerpres.

‘Geiger MTB Challenge’ this year features three courses: the 93 km-long route A with an elevation gain of 3,500 m and the highest point on the Oncesti peak. About 50 – 60 of the most seasoned riders will take this challenge. The 50 km-long route B with an elevation gain of 1,350 m, to be tackled by most of the enlisted 350 racers. The route reaches the Magura peak. The 23 km-long route C for beginners, with an elevation gain of 300 m, intended for those who just now are trying to find their biker feet and can have a first contact with this type of competition.
The routes of the MTB Triad are established together with cyclists with high experience in mountain biking and many international competitions under the belt, as well as with local organisations that can provide rich input as regards the routes in the surroundings.
Competitions for 4 to 14-year olds, by several age categories, are scheduled for Saturday afternoon; the venue is the parking lot of the Municipal Stadium, next to Sibiu city’s Subarini Park.
The Sibiu stage of the competition will end with the all-stage award festivity that will honor the athletes who performed best in the MTB Triad.
The last stage is organized by C.S. Pro Cycling with the support of the Sibiu County Council, under the aegis of the Romanian Cycling Federation.

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