Romanian Intelligence Service spokesperson: Romanian woman expelled from Italy due to links to Islamic State

A Romanian woman has been expelled from Italy for alleged links with supporters of the Islamic State terrorist organization, Sorin Sava, spokesperson of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) informed on Thursday.
“She came to the attention of the SRI at the beginning of 2014 after she conducted extremist Islamic propaganda activities online during her stay in Romania,” Sava told broadcaster B1 TV.
Sava explained that the SRI has adopted appropriate measures to monitor the individual in question and has informed the foreign intelligence service of Italy.
“There is a trend at a European level that has intensified of late. Given SRI’s legal responsibilities deriving from its status as national authority in the field of preventing and fighting terrorism, we are focusing on monitoring individuals involved in this sort of activities, including those who intend to travel to these well-known areas where terrorist organizations are active,” Sava added.
Asked whether Romania is currently under threat due to activities of such individuals, the SRI spokesperson stated: “We would be naďve to believe that there is no danger. But, as the terrorist alert level in Romania reflects, it is pretty low and we are envisaging all necessary measures to prevent terrorist risks to national security.”

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