Szabo: IAAF Congress breathes new life into world’s track and field

Attending the works of the Congress of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) in Beijing, Romania’s Minister of Youth and Sports Gabriela Szabo said the convention is breathing new life into the world’s track and field thanks to the reforms suggested. ”I am first of all hailing the decisions of the Congress regarding the promotion of women to leading offices.”
”At the same time, capping at three the number of terms in office allowed to the IAAF president is a decision that will boost administrative dynamics and flexibility of the organization. The decision means IAAF pledging through its representatives at the Congress the construction worldwide of an athletic movement able to renew itself from within,’ Szabo is quoted as saying in a press statement released on Thursday.
She also said, ”As far as Romania is concerned, I hope that little by little such reforms will be translated to the statutes of the national sports federations. We have witnessed a wave of reforms in the world’s athletics and I will do my best to translate the trends into the Romanian sports”.

Gabriela Szabo congratulates new IAAF president Sebastian Coe, in Beijing

Phone called in Beijing on Wednesday, where she participates in the IAAF Congress and opening of the World Athletics Championships, the Youth and Sport Minister, Gabriela Szabo told exclusively for Agerpres: “I wanted to congratulate Lord Coe for being elected President of the IAAF, because somehow we are colleagues, not only in sport, but also of track, as middle distance runners.”
“These elections are a special success of the Europeans, who have obtained a large number of representatives in the IAAF Board, by having the president, the most voted vicepresident, and the treasurer. As far as I am concerned, I haven’t raced for the IAAF women Committee again, where I used to be a member and I believe I had significant chances, yet I’m already a member, as proposed by the FRA [Romanian Athletics Federation], of the European Association’s Council, and here, in the Beijing Congress, I didn’t want to scatter our efforts and I wished to support the president of the FRA, Ion Sandu, for a place in the Council,” added Szabo.
“Unfortunately, Mr. President (Sandu) wasn’t elected, competition is very high, no less than 39 candidates (of whom 12 Europeans) practically fighting for 9 spots, the ones outside leadership, which is elected separately, and the women’s quota, 6 in number, at least. But, we are looking at four years ahead to prepare a candidacy for the next congress. Anyway, I for one will get involved, as I always did in everything I’ve done, for the Romanian athletics to be represented at their highest level in the No.1 Olympic sport,” Gabriela Szabo specified.

The 15th edition competitions of the World Athletics Championships are carried out in the Chinese Capital City Beijing, from August 22 to 30, and Romania is represented by 17 athletes, 12 girls and 5 boys, who have accomplished their exigent scales of qualification.
Here is the female team: Alina Rotaru – length, Bianca Denisa Razor – 400 m, 4×400 m, Florentina Costina Marincu – length, Paula Claudia Todoran – marathon, Cristina Ioana Bujin – triple jump, Elena Andreea Panturoiu – triple jump, Andreea Grecu – 4×400 m, Florina Pierdevara – 1.500 m, Anamaria Ionita – 4×400 m, Mihaela Roxana Nunu – 4×400 m, Sanda Belgyan – 4×400 m; and the male team: Marian Oprea – triple jump, Mihai Donisan – height, Marius Viorel Ionescu – marathon, Marius Iulian Cocioran – 50 km march, Andrei Marius Gag – weight.

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