Coalition leaders propose postponement of vote on Fiscal Code re-examination request

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) interim president, Liviu Dragnea (photo) announced on Monday that the coalition leaders have decided to postpone the vote on the re-examination request of the new Fiscal Code for the ordinary parliamentary session and proposed the Opposition representatives to have a meeting on Thursday on this topic.

“We had a talk in the coalition regarding the steps to be taken in connection with the debate upon the request by President Klaus Iohannis on the re-examination of the new Fiscal Code. As you know, it was a technical meeting attended by specialists with all parties. A political decision is to be made by the leaderships of all parliamentary parties,” said Dragnea, in the end of the ruling coalition’s sitting, also attended by Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

Dragnea added that the political decision could not be made on Monday, considering that the topic is of extreme importance not only to the next year’s budget, but also to Romania’s future.

“We have had a very good discussion with the prime minister and the coalition colleagues and our proposal is that this week, possibly on Thursday, and hopefully our Opposition colleagues will agree to having a reunion of the political leaders, that based on the already completed technical discussions, a decision will be made so that in the normal session we should give a vote to this request of the president,” he specified.

He said that, practically, under these circumstances, one cannot talk about an extraordinary session of the Parliament.

“I believe it is much more important that we measure twice and cut once, and to make sure because, I repeat, it is an extremely important topic (…) We believe that time is needed for each political party, until the meeting which I repeat the Opposition colleagues hopefully will accept to be this Thursday, that each and every one would know what viewpoint to support and after that Power – Opposition talk we will have a joint viewpoint capable to guarantee us all that amendments to the Tax Code make things stable in Romania,” said Dragnea.

About the adjournment of decision on the Tax Code, Dragnea specified that “several analyses were needed and more analyses are further needed, which is to happen in the next days.”

“Talks will be, again, in the specialty committees, perhaps, the colleagues in the Parliament will make a decision in this respect, but, I repeat, the most important is this week’s meeting,” concluded the PSD interim president, according to Agerpres.

Oprea: UNPR supports adjournment of Parliament vote on Fiscal Code

Vice Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea, the head of the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) says his party has already asserted the need of more technical talks on the Fiscal Code. Hegabriel-oprea announced a meeting with the Opposition to get a political decision on the matter.

“There were technical talks between experts. You know very well that UNPR has claimed technical discussions were necessary between technicians of the parties, and we should also meet our colleagues in the Opposition, on the parliamentary parties’ leadership level,” Oprea declared on Monday, after the ruling coalition has proposed the adjournment of a decision on the Fiscal Code until the ordinary session of the Parliament.

Asked whether there were reservations on Fiscal Code topics already discussed, he answered that the need for a technical meeting followed by leaders’ talks was already supported by the co-chairs of the National Liberal Party (PNL, the main Opposition force).

“Even the PNL has said – both Mr. Blaga and Mrs. [co]-chair Alina Gorghiu – that after a technical meeting there will be talks on political leaders’ level. The experts have met, now the parliamentary parties’ heads will meet. (…) It’s very important to meet and harmonize – several points have actually been harmonized; the natural meeting of political leaders follows, and a decision will be made,” Oprea declared.

Senate’s Economy, Transport Committees reject President’s request to re-examine Fiscal Code, Legal Committee approves re-examination request

Senators in the Committee for Economy, Industries and Services have rejected on Monday the request of President Klaus Iohannis to reexamine the Fiscal Code.

Six Committee members have voted for the project to be sent for promulgation in the original version adopted by the Parliament, while one member voted against and one did not vote.

Senator Florin Constantinescu explained that a re-examination request cannot be amended.

Senator Cristiana Anghel considers that “there can’t be an opportunity to amend the Fiscal Code”. She pledged for the project to be preserved in the version approved by the Parliament.

President Klaus Iohannis’ request for re-examination of Fiscal Code has been rejected also by Senators in the Committee for Transport and Energy.

“After lengthy discussions with representatives of the Ministry of Public Finance and after analyzing the request of the Romanian president regarding the Tax Code, we have decided, by majority vote, to reject president Iohannis’ request for reexamination. We considered that as far as the Committee for Transport and Energy is concerned, there aren’t any elements that would alter our point of view, to support the amendment of the Tax Code. In other words, it should be resent to the president for promulgation in the version approved by the Parliament,” Mihai Fifor, Committee for Transports president said.

He mentioned that the neither the Ministry of Public Finance nor the government have endorsed the president’s request, for which reason, the Committee preserves its “original stance.”

Senate Legal Committee approves re-examination of Fiscal Code

The Senate’s Legal Matters Committee issued a favourable advice on Monday on President Klaus Iohannis’s request of re-examination of the Fiscal Code.

The Committee proposed four amendments to the draft law, as agreed by the parliamentary parties in a technical meeting last Thursday; the value-added tax is thus to be reduced in two steps, from 24 percent to 20 percent on January 1 2016, and to 19 percent on January 1 2017; the super-excise on fuel is to be postponed until 2017 instead of 2016.

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