President Iohannis: We should be vigilant, prevent radical, utopian, extremist actions, initiatives on political stage, included

President Klaus Iohannis on Sunday sent a message on the occasion of the fascism and communism victims’ memorial Day, highlighting that the radical, utopian and extremist actions and initiatives should be prevented, those on the political stage, included.

“The fascism and communism victims’ commemoration Day is an occasion of remembrance and compassion, and yet it is an opportunity to look with confidence to a future where despise for the life and freedom of a person would never stay unpunished. At the same time, this moment is compulsory to categorically and unequivocally condemn the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and in particular its adverse consequences to our country’s past,” says Klaus Iohannis in his message, in accordance with the Presidential Administration.

He appeals to remembering “piously of the totalitarian regimes’ victims, in a great measure settled on our continent in the past century.”

“Exiting the totalitarianisms’ era, Romania has assumed, once with its NATO and European Union integration, the democratic values and, in the name of those values and of our identity, we have the obligation to condemn and reject what is wrong and below our dignity in our recent history. Thus, the remembrance is not a mere symbolic statement, but a guarantee that this path will get us closer with each other and will make us think to the reasons of memory, to the purpose of the trust in institutions and to the importance of the civil rights for a nation,” says the head of state.

Klaus Iohannis stresses that the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact’s signing on August 23, 1939 is a “tragic moment for the Romanian nation and a cynical landmark in the history of the 20th century.”

“Disregard to the law and to the sacred value of the human being has made it possible the appearance and existence of some criminal regimes which have reaped the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. The victims of the extermination policies fathered and coordinated by the national legionary regime of Ion Antonescu and the communist regime should not be denied, forgotten or minimized, they should be reminded. Through the courageous, concrete measures it has taken in the past decade regarding the strong condemnation of these regimes, Romania proved it had forever split from a dark chapter of its history,” says Iohannis.

According to president Iohannis, “the guaranteeing of a democratic future of the Romanian nation yet depends on the way we demonstrate daily that we know to defend freedom, the human rights and the European values.”

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