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January 25, 2022

Klaus Iohannis made 20 international trips to 12 countries in first 8 months of his term

In the first eight months of his term, President Klaus Iohannis made 20 official international trips to 12 countries, including France, Spain, Belgium and Italy, spending 34 days abroad, and spent another 16 days on vacation in the U.S., Portugal and Germany, an analysis published by Mediafax reveals.
As President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis has visited 12 European countries since the start of his term in office. Those countries were Belgium (6 visits), France (2 visits), Italy (2 visits), Poland (2 visits), Ukraine, Latvia, Croatia, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Germany, Spain and Austria. Overall, the President spent 34 days abroad during his 20 international trips.
The Head of State’s first trip abroad took place in January when the President attended the “Solidarity March” in Paris, an event organized after the terrorist attacks that took place in the capital of France early this year. Immediately afterwards, Klaus Iohannis paid his first official visit to the Kingdom of Belgium.
In February, Klaus Iohannis paid official visits to France, Republic of Moldova and Germany and attended the first informal European Council meeting.
During his visit to Paris, Klaus Iohannis met his counterpart Francois Hollande, during the talks the Romanian Head of State asking for France’s support for Romania’s Schengen accession bid. On that occasion, the President also had his first official talks with Romanians living abroad, taking part in a meeting with the representatives of the Romanian community in France. In fact, Klaus Iohannis had similar meetings at the end of most of his official visits abroad.
An important visit was also the one to Germany, where President Iohannis met Chancellor Angela Merkel, the issues tackled including Romania’s Schengen Area accession bid as well as the fight against terrorism. In fact, the latter was also on the agenda of the informal European Council meeting in February, the first attended by Klaus Iohannis. The talks focused on the fight against terrorism but also on the European Union’s relations with Russia following the conflict in Ukraine.
Klaus Iohannis paid an official visit to Ukraine in March, meeting his counterpart Petro Poroshenko. During the talks, Iohannis stated that Romania continues to back the upholding of European Union sanctions on Russia, following the conflict provoked by the annexation of the Crimean peninsula. Also in March, the President visited Poland and also attended the European Council’s spring meeting.
In April, the President left the country to attend the Extraordinary European Council in Brussels, but also to visit Italy, the country that has the largest Romanian community.
In May, the Head of State attended in Gdansk, Poland, the events marking 70 years since the end of the Second World War, and a week later he paid his second visit to Italy, visiting ExpoMilan and then spending three days at the Vatican. During his visit at the Vatican, the President met Pope Francis for the first time, inviting him to visit Romania. Iohannis also attended the Eastern Partnership Summit in Latvia.
In June, Iohannis returned to Brussels in order to attend the EU-CELAC summit as well as the European Council’s summer meeting, and he also paid an official visit to Croatia.
The President also paid official visits to Spain, Serbia and Austria in July.
In Spain, the President met King Felipe VI, the Spanish Prime Minister, as well as the representatives of the Romanian community. During the official talks, Iohannis also tackled the issue of dual Romanian-Spanish citizenship, but stated that “there is no simple solution.” In Austria, Iohannis attended the festival in Salzburg, at the invitation of Heinz Fischer, his Austrian counterpart.
In September, President Klaus Iohannis will visit the United States of America where he will attend the UN General Assembly summit in New York.
Apart from these trips, Klaus Iohannis also paid three private visits. One took place in December 2014, after the elections but before he was sworn in, when Iohannis was on vacation 8 days in the United States of America and then 3 days in Germany where he visited his parents. The Head of State also spent 8 days on vacation in Portugal, around Easter time, Mediafax adds.

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