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March 5, 2021

Ponta on Iohannis’s undeclared income: Tall tales, groundless speculations

Premier Victor Ponta reacted to the accusations levied against Klaus Iohannis in what concerns the fact that the President failed to declare all of his rental income.
Victor Ponta considers that the accusations are simple speculations that lack concrete evidence.
“I too have read the press article that states the fact that a difference of EUR 115,000 has been discovered between Mr. Klaus Iohannis’s declared rental income and the one resulting based on the rental contracts, for the 2004-2007 period. Apart from any political dispute, my legal opinion is that these are tall tales, groundless speculations and allegations! Period.
However, there is (I hope) a good side to this – maybe Mr. Iohannis realizes how easily completely baseless accusations can be thrown around just because you hold an important position. And maybe now he realizes how rash his stance was when, on June 5, he asked me to resign because of an accusation (speculation) that I did not pay RON 51,000 in taxes (around EUR 12,000, so less than a tenth of the EUR 115,000 he is in turn groundlessly accused of) in 2007-2008. And now when all the documents and the audit undoubtedly show that I DID PAY all those taxes, the discussion becomes moot.
For me that moment is in the past, I have no hard feelings and no reproaches to make, but I hope the Romanian President will now (when he in turn feels what it means to be unjustly accused) more carefully and in a more balanced manner scrutinize such situations,” Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook.
A RISE Project investigation discovered a discrepancy of EUR 115,000 between Klaus Iohannis’s rental income declared in the wealth statements he filed in 2005-2008 and the sums stipulated by the rental contracts he had signed.
The Presidential Administration reacted to the allegations, pointing out that all of the Head of State’s rental income has been declared in his wealth statements.

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