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May 6, 2021

Doctors’ salary hike approved by Gov’t

The 25 per cent salary hike for health system workers was approved by the Government on Wednesday, through an emergency government ordinance. Premier Victor Ponta stated that a solution has to be found for social services workers too but also for teachers.
The Premier stated during the Government meeting that the emergency ordinance concerning the medical doctors’ salaries is on the Government’s table and stipulates a 25 per cent salary hike for all health system workers.
“We have the ordinance, it is finalized. The ordinance stipulates the hiking of current salaries throughout the health system on October 1. We are talking about a 25 per cent salary hike for all health system workers. The hiking of salaries of health system workers is needed, and I hope I will have backing for it, in parallel with system reforms such as the health card,” Ponta added.
He also stated that he would have liked to be able to offer a 100 or 200 per cent hike, however for the time being only a 25 per cent hike is possible.
PM Ponta: “Education and Health should go ahead at the same rhythm”
Likewise, the Premier wants the Health and Education systems to go hand-in-hand. “It’s a reproach I take responsibility for, but from now on I want to proceed with Health and Education… These are the two domains of interest and national importance, which should go ahead hand-in-hand, we should find a solution through the salary law for teachers. From now on Education and Health should go ahead at the same rhythm, at least salary-wise,” the Head of Government added.
“There should be no discrepancies between teachers and doctors or between non-teaching staff and auxiliary medical staff. This is our duty, alongside Minister Plumb, (Finance Minister) Teodorovici. From now on I hope that everything offered to Education should be offered to Health too,” Victor Ponta added.
After health system employees obtained the promise of a salary hike, other categories of public sector employees, such as teachers and policemen, raised the same demands.

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