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January 27, 2022

Liberals under Crin Antonescu’s magnifying glass: They are doing nothing apart from asking Ponta to resign

Former National Liberal Party (PNL) President Crin Antonescu fired a broadside salvo against his PNL colleagues! He accuses the Liberals of doing nothing apart from asking Victor Ponta to resign while lacking important projects for the population.
Antonescu warns them that PNL risks sharing the same fate as that of the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) under Traian Basescu.
Moreover, the former PNL leader states that the Liberals mistakenly accepted the law according to which mayors are elected in a single round.
“Today’s political parties are a failure. They failed to do what they have to do. They are in a crisis of ideas. That is also why I resigned from the helm of a party. I don’t see what the discussion is about: whether Ponta leaves or not, I don’t see a clear message, a clear pleading. After each presidential election we are ready to start over. The Liberals talked about starting over again. When the local elections law was concerned I didn’t understand why PNL accepted (it). It’s not good, there is no longer representation.
I said that PNL is not engaged in politics for mayors but for citizens, through the mayors. Now it’s the other way around. PDL cannot sweep under the carpet what has happened in the last 10 years, even though they merged with PNL. You cannot say that it was a coup d’état and that it wasn’t a coup d’état. I believe PNL is falling into the trap of burdening the country’s president with affairs that do not concern him. Leave it be, the President will take care of it! You cannot live off of this. PDL staked on this for 10 years and ended up badly,” Antonescu stated on Wednesday evening on Realitatea TV.

“I can’t say I was friends with Klaus Iohannis”

Compared to the very active political leader that he was up until a year ago, today’s Crin Antonescu is a low-profile presence on the political scene, despite the fact that he is still PNL Senator. The former PNL President talked about his relationship with Klaus Iohannis before the break that took place between the two.
“I cannot say I was friends with Klaus Iohannis. We had a very wide space… Nobody is to blame for what one thinks or imagines about oneself. In politics the relationships are contractual, pragmatic, it’s not good to ask for more. We are part of the same generation, we have the same age, same profession. Sometimes we took the discussion beyond the things we wanted to do within the party,” Crin Antonescu said on Realitatea TV.

“I don’t believe any DNA story”

On Wednesday evening Antonescu also expressed his opinion about the way in which the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has tackled the political class. Antonescu also commented on Victor Ponta’s accusations concerning the abuses he was allegedly subjected to by DNA prosecutors. “He is guilty!” was Antonescu’s verdict.
“I don’t buy any of these DNA stories. Let it be how the DNA says it is and how the members of the political class say it is.
Sometime you have the feeling that the whole political class, but all of it – PSD, PNL, ruling power, opposition –, has become a chorus of DNA lackeys, which is useless and pretty embarrassing. The politicians’ duty is to create laws, to build and to respect mechanism through which the judiciary would be truly independent, but whatever was to happen (…) from or toward the DNA, we cannot leave the responsibility there. The fault, if some things are indeed not right there, still lies with the politicians.
From a political point of view it’s awful, a catastrophe, for Prime Minister Victor Ponta to come up and say: “abuses are taking place in Romania and I myself am the victim of an abuse on the part of the judiciary, of DNA.” You can’t say that when you’re the Prime Minister and you are, he was back then, the head of the biggest party in Parliament. It’s not right. You as a politician are responsible for these things.
The same goes in the case of the intelligence services. You cannot talk like some children are talking about their parents: my daddy is mean, he beats me, I can’t do that because daddy won’t let me. You can’t talk like that about the intelligence services,” Crin Antonescu said on Realitatea TV.

“There were and still are big differences between me and Victor Ponta”

The former PNL President also talked about his friendship with Premier Victor Ponta:
“There were and still are big differences between me and Victor Ponta. The age difference which is significant because there are different experiences. (…) What’s certain is that I wanted to be friends with Victor Ponta, in the sense we are talking about. We weren’t fighting Traian Basescu, we were fighting an entire group of forces that made Traian Basescu possible, and this group of forces was not present only in Traian Basescu’s visible camp. (…) Most people wanted to take power away from Traian Basescu in order to generally do the same thing, and this was the great challenge that I, along with Victor Ponta, had to face. In this sense I sought Victor Ponta’s friendship. There were also moments in which we got along. I harbour no anger, we know why everything ended. At least from this point of view I have nothing to reproach myself with. I am just saying that I sought the idea of a friendship because it was necessary.”
In this context, Crin Antonescu criticized the former PSD leader for the statements he made about the judiciary’s “abuse.” In his view, “about Victor Ponta we cannot say he has a tragic destiny, we can have a comical view on what happened to him this summer.”

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