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March 23, 2023

Premier Victor Ponta in Chisinau: In Romania and in Moldova there is more money than we think

Premier Victor Ponta paid a visit to Chisinau on the day marking 24 years since the Republic of Moldova’s independence from the USSR. He arrived in Moldova’s capital on Wednesday evening, where he met Democrat Party (PDM) First Vice President Vlad Plahotniuc. The two talked about the support that Romania actively offers to the Republic of Moldova and about common goals. The announcement was made by the Moldovan politician on his Facebook page.
“Of course, a special subject was that of the Reborn Moldova social project through which we want to fully modernize the Maternity Institute. Premier Ponta assured me that we can rely on Romania’s support this year too, including in what concerns the expansion and modernization of this maternity,” Vlad Plahotniuc pointed out.
He added that the project is one he cares a lot about. “I am convinced the benefits will be seen for years from now on, as soon as all repairs are finished, and the patients will feel at every turn that they are getting better care and better conditions, at European standards, just as we wanted for them,” Plahotniuc added.
Likewise, Victor Ponta met Moldovan Premier Valeriu Strelet, Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu and Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti.
Ponta and his Moldovan counterpart Valeriu Strelet talked about the developments in and next phases of implementing the energy interconnection projects agreed under the Inter-Governmental Memorandum signed in May.
The Prime Minister informed Moldovan officials that Romania supports Chisinau’s connection to Romania and Europe through energy projects.
“That [cross-border natural gas] pipeline commissioned last year, on August 27, and the high-voltage power lines will mean an essential thing for Moldova: for you not to depended on a single energy supplier. When you have two options… I have seen that the gas price is already lower. If you have two options for electricity, the price will be lower, too. To depend on a single supplier means a reduction in energy independence and, implicitly, in the state’s independence,” said the Romanian Prime Minister according to Agerpres.
He added that energy projects mean development, competitiveness and long-term security for Moldova.
Financing some projects in Moldova was another topic tackled by Ponta, who said Bucharest would allocate funds when it manages to save up.
“You must have stability and set priorities and we will certainly support you (…) in the area of institutional reform, justice and tax reform. (…) In Romania and in Moldova there is more money than we think, the problem is that the money should be transparent, legal, taxed and thus you will have budget resources for what you need,” Victor Ponta added.
“Apart from nice words, Romania also has the duty to do concrete things for the Republic of Moldova. SMURD is a very important project and if the expansion of this system is desired it would definitely be for the good of the Moldovan citizens. Likewise, we will offer support in the institutional reform, judiciary reform, fiscal reform area,” Ponta wrote on Facebook.
The Government approved on Wednesday the agreement signed on May 21 with the Republic of Moldova concerning the implementation of the projects needed to interconnect the two countries’ natural gas and electricity transmission grids.

Met by protesters

On Thursday, Victor Ponta was met by approximately two hundred persons wearing masks with the image of George Simion’s face, asking for justice for the Romanian activist expelled from Moldova and no longer allowed to enter the country for a period of five years.
The young protesters asked for the immediate lifting of the abusive ban against activist George Simion, judiciary reforms and the appointing of a European attorney general, as well as the continuation of the natural path started in 1991 by the population living between the Prut and Nistru Rivers, by taking the next step proposed by the National Renaissance Movement, namely union with Romania.
After they displayed a banner reading “We want justice in the George Simion case!” the young protesters took off their masks, inviting the Moldovan judiciary to do the same with its “loathsome mask and to start to work for the people.”
“The Moldovan judiciary is delaying the George Simion court case, proving that political orders are above the law. This corrupt system has brought the population of the Republic of Moldova on the brink of bankruptcy. The unhealthy transition has to end now. We want justice for George Simion, we want a functional judiciary and we consider that true sovereignty, independence and freedom can only be obtained through Union,” Anatol Ursu, the representative of the Moldova’s Youngsters Civic Movement, stated for Moldova.org.
Moldovan authorities arrested and expelled George Simion on May 13. George Simion is the leader of the Action 2012 Unionist Platform, a movement that militates for the Republic of Moldova’s union with Romania. The Romanian citizen is not allowed to enter Moldova for a period of five years.

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