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October 22, 2021

Oprea to his party’s youth summer school: UNPR matters in Romanian politics

National leader of the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) Gabriel Oprea on Saturday told the attendees of the party’s youth summer school at Costinesti, Constanta County, that they are members of a party that matters, which they should accept with all responsibility.

“We are a party that matters in Romanian politics and we have to accept such status with all responsibility. That is why UNPR has recently put up for public debate a national plan called ‘Security and Prosperity for Romania.’ There are five themes I would like us to discuss with our political partners, the parliamentary parties and particularly with the citizens, the common people. I have suggested five directions in the plan: national rebirth, the operation of the state, Romania’s part in the world, the operation of the economy and a new social state,” said Oprea.

He mentioned that UNPR wants the Government to focus on family issues and needs, on supporting Romanians overseas and defending national interest.

“We have come up with fully new ideas, such as those on family. We want the Government to focus on the issues and needs of families, not just on individuals. We have proposals in support of the Diaspora by providing classes in Romanian language and culture, not just by mounting shows and exhibitions. We have frankly discussed the issues facing the administration, Romania’s relation with Moldova and defending the national interest in agriculture, industry and in the economy overall,” Oprea added.

He told the UNPR youth that a hard year is ahead, with a complicated electioneering campaign.

“Irrespective of how we ultimately run in the elections, the important thing is to have a strong and united team. That is why I want to tell you now that canvassing for UNPR will be like being in the army, which means there will be order and discipline. We will have excellent candidates because UNPR is acknowledged for its team of mayors. We will have one million members and aim to bring UNPR to at least 10 percent in the voters’ intention. The media say we are at 2, 5 or 7 percent. The important thing is that we will garner 10 percent at the next elections,” said Oprea.

“ I will back political parties’ pact on Romania’s development”

Gabriel Oprea also announced in Costinesti that he supports the proposal of acting national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea for the political parties to enter a pact for the development of Romania in the next 20-30 years, as that would be a very good idea.

“You have always seen that UNPR advocates dialogue as well as Romania’s economic and political stability. That is a great idea, because such a pact is needed. Romania in, I should say in a complicated security context – you can see what is happening in the region – needs the pact, and that is an excellent idea, which I will support with all my might,” said Oprea.

Attending a summer school of PSD women, Dragnea said Friday evening that he wants a political armistice for the development of Romania in the next 20-30 years.

“I want us to promote the idea of efficient political peace, a long-term truce for the efficient and strategic development of Romania in the next 20-30 years. I want us to get all the political forces around a perennial country project. There is no longer possible for us to act like we used to after each electoral cycle, with those in power changing everything that has been done previously,’ said Dragnea.

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