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July 31, 2021

PNL’s National Political Bureau discuss legislative priorities, local elections, powers of regional deputy chairs

The National Political Bureau of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) on Saturday convened at Gura Humorului, Suceava County, to discuss the party’s position on the Tax Code, the postal voting law, Government’s ordinance increasing dignitary’s pay, as well as legislative priorities for the incoming session of Parliament, the situation of its candidates in the 2016 local elections and the powers of the party’s regional deputy chairs.

“This is an important PNL convention, because we will enter the last session of 2015 before the election year 2016. We will discuss legislative priorities, because we have passed long ago a governing programme. And we will also discuss the latest developments in our preparations; we have much work to do so that we may show up adequately in the first electoral battle, the local elections, which you know how important are to the position before the big battle in the general election,” PNL co-chair Vasile Blaga said at the beginning of the convention.

He added that the convention will also discuss PNL’s stance on the main political themes, legislative priorities, the latest developments in the submission of candidacies and unveiling regulations for the candidates in the local elections, while a vote will be called on the powers of the regional deputy chairs.

“The deputy chairs will follow the strict observation of the decisions of the National Council convention in Pitesti, and I want everyone to understand well that those decisions are not optional to me, my colleague or you,” said Blaga.

PNL leadership unanimously votes to defeat ordinance on dignitaries’ pay

The National Political Bureau of the National Liberal Party (PNL) on Saturday unanimously voted to defeat Government’s ordinance increasing pay to dignitaries, PNL co-chair Alina Gorghiu reports.

“PNL has unanimously voted today formally as well, because the political decision was already taken, to defeat the ordinance that increases the pay to dignitaries, because we need to approach public pay uniformly, correlated with the other wages in the public sector, a discussion that Parliament will take up when the draft law shows up and when we unveil PNL’s articulated stance,” Gorghiu said at the end of a convention of the party’s National Political Bureau and MP groups at Gura Humorului, Suceava County.

She added that the convention intensely discussed the absorption of national and European funds, adding that PNL suggests the establishment of a specialist court in the area.

“Our proposals is for a special court to be set up made up of magistrates and public procurement experts that will take up to speed up court trials related to projects conducted on public or European funds,” said Gorghiu

Gorghiu: We asked PSD for deadline to publish postal voting law in Official Journal

PNL Co-chair Alina Gorghiu said Saturday that PNL will ask the Social Democratic Party (PSD), main at rule, to set in a resolution a deadline for the publishing in the Official Journal of the law on postal voting.

“I have noticed rhetorical nuances with the new PSD national leader, a nuance that differs from the rhetoric of [former PSD national leader] Victor Ponta, who would punish the Romanian voters overseas each time he would remember them, but I would like us to pass a resolution calling on the PSD to set a deadline for the publication in the Official Journal of the law on postal voting, given that failure to publish it in time will disallow the Romanian Diaspora to vote, as we would all like; I am afraid the latest rhetoric of PSD is an attempt to lull the Opposition,” Gorghiu told beginning of a convention on Saturday at Gura Humorului, Suceava County, of PNL’s National Political Bureau.

She also said talks inside the convention also regard public pay, insisting that the pay should be treated uniformly.

She said talks should be conducted on the ordinance under which pay to dignitaries is increased, arguing that the ordinance has to be defeated.

The PNL co-chair also said shew will inform PNL about the agreement of parliamentary party leaders on the Fiscal Code.

Gorghiu mentioned that the procedure in the case of Fiscal Code will be fast tracked in Parliament, with the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies expecting to pass it next week.

She said the PNL convention will pass a resolution on the absorption of European funds and money blocked in court trials and also look into the situation in the public education system.

“The academic year starts in two weeks. The situation in the education system is as bad. We are talking about schools that do not have authorisations to operate and the unfinished auction for 3rd grade textbooks,” said Gorghiu, according to Agerpres.

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