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December 7, 2022

Predoiu “threatens” Ponta and Teodorovici: We’ll set the dogs on them

National Liberal party (PNL) Vice President and Shadow Prime Minister Catalin Predoiu once again criticized the Ponta Government on Saturday, following PNL’s Permanent National Bureau meeting at Gura Humorului. He emphasized that the Government no longer works, that nothing is being signed anymore and that all projects are blocked.
“At this moment we have no Premier, at this moment we have no government. The ministries are no longer working, the civil servants are no longer signing anything. I blame Ponta for this gridlock. This Government no longer exists. They are just pictures on walls,” the Liberals’ designated Prime Minister pointed out.
Predoiu asked the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister for a fiscal adjustment programme, threatening that unless they meet the demand “we will set the dogs on them because we now have them,” jokingly referring to the puppy he received as a birthday gift.

Celebrated by colleagues

Before tackling the serious issues on the Permanent National Bureau’s agenda – namely the local elections candidacies, the legislative priorities for Parliament’s autumn sitting and other issues such as postal voting and the blanket salary law – the Liberal MPs that met at Gura Humorului last weekend celebrated last Friday evening the birthday of the party’s designated Prime Minister. Catalin Predoiu turned 47 last Thursday. All Liberals that attended the party sang “Happy Birthday!” to Predoiu.
The Liberals prepared a special cake for him, one on which a traditional Romanian shirt was drawn.
Predoiu received an unusual gift from PNL Suceava President Gheorghe Flutur, the one who used sheep to write “Welcome” on a hill for Elena Udrea: a Carpathian shepherd dog born on July 1. Flutur gave the dog the name “SPP (Guard and Protection Service – editor’s note) of Bukovina”
“I thank you for the gift but my daughter, who is a big animal lover, will choose his name. In next year’s elections I want us to repeat the success registered in the presidential elections, this is my birthday wish,” Catalin Predoiu stated.

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