PSD’s Dragnea proposes political pact on national development strategy

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Interim President Liviu Dragnea wants all political forces to reach a political pact on a national development strategy for a period of 20-30 years, stating that the “Traian Basescu era,” one of “war,” is over and the current Head of State “does not seem to want political wars at any cost.”
Liviu Dragnea stated on Friday evening at the Social-Democrat Women’s Summer School, that he wants a long-term armistice that would lead to a national development strategy plan, the Mediafax correspondent informs.
“I want us to promote the ideas of an efficient political peace, of a long-term political armistice. I want us to promote the idea of a political pact reached by all political forces in order to achieve a plan of efficient and strategic national development for the next 20-30 years. Think about what it would mean to continue as we have done until now. One government builds something, more or less, the succeeding one comes and tears everything down or spends a year or two changing everything done previously. And Romania after every political cycle wastes a year or two and loses in the increasingly harsh competition with other nations. Wouldn’t it be better for us to promote these ideas concerning a dialogue- and continuity-based political climate, wouldn’t it be possible for us to be able to gather all political forces around the big national projects, around a national project that would be constant and could not be changed by any political force because the latter took part in its construction,” Liviu Dragnea stated.
He pointed out that all the scandals registered during the time in which Traian Basescu was president were of use to nobody and Romania lost important opportunities back then.
“Think about the 10 years that have passed. Ten years torn apart by permanent political wars, by permanent conflict, by permanent harassments in which destinies were broken, in which Romania lost important moments and important opportunities. Think how the Ponta Governments would have been had there been a different political climate based on dialogue, each one with his doctrine, in contrast to the period in which he had to answer all the time attacks coming from other areas. Who benefitted from that? Did Romanians benefit from it? No. Did Traian Basescu benefit from it? No. Did we benefit from it? No. Maybe it benefitted those that do not love this country. (…) We cannot say these were lost years, but there were some missed opportunities,” the PSD Interim President stated.
He added that he wants this period overcome and for another political era to start.
“I badly want us to enter a new political era. The Traian Basescu era, an era of war, is over, we are in a period of modulation. We have a president that does not seem to want political wars at all cost, let’s use him, let’s allow him to use us. I hope the president too will understand, I hope we too, party leaders and party members, will understand that a permanent political war waged at any cost and for very small stakes only serves to affect this country’s future,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

“PSD could give a woman Premier in four or five years’ time”

Dragnea considers that the party could give a woman Premier in four or five years’ time, and then Romania “would have a beautiful Prime Minister married to a man,” adding: “Not that Victor is not a beautiful young man.”
The PSD leader stated on Friday evening at the Social-Democrat Women’s Summer School that women have been faithful to the party more than some men.
“If PSD is a large party that’s due, I believe, to a great extent if not to the main extent, to Social-Democrat women. Social-Democrat women have been faithful to this party maybe more than some men. There were Social-Democrat men – who are no longer in the party – that were not as faithful to this party as Social-Democrat women were, are and will always be, and for this reason the whole party, headed by me alongside other male colleagues, are grateful to you and we thank you for continuing to bear with us,” Dragnea said.
He added that it is time for PSD to give a woman Premier in four or five years’ time.
“We have a female colleague that is European commissioner, we have female colleagues in the Government, we have female colleagues in Parliament, we have female colleagues in local administration, but we do not have, for example, we haven’t had so far the courage to propose that PSD should give this country a woman Premier in 4-5 years. For the first time in Romania we could have a beautiful Prime Minister married to a man. Not that Victor is not a beautiful young man. But I believe we could set this as a goal. I believe in 4-5 years’ time Romania could be prepared to have a Government led by a woman, with all the advantages that stem from this,” the PSD President explained.
He stated that he agrees with the Women’s Organization’s proposal for 30 per cent of the Social-Democrat candidates to be women in the future elections. Likewise, Dragnea said that he has nothing against PSD proposing a county council chairwoman, advising the leadership of the Women’s Organization to make that proposal in Teleorman.
At the end, Liviu Dragnea was asked by journalists whether he had Labour Minister Rovana Plumb in mind when he stated that PSD can give a women Premier. Dragnea stated that he had nobody in mind when he stated that but Rovana Plumb can be a solution, “any minister can be Prime Minister.”
Rovana Plumb added that in 4-5 years’ time PSD will be ready to give not only a woman Premier but also a women President. At that point Dragnea laughingly quipped: “You want everything?”
Asked for her opinion on a possible Liviu Dragnea – President, Rovana Plumb – Premier future duo, Rovana Plumb answered: “I believe that at that point equality of chances will no longer be at a declaratory level,” while PSD’s Interim President said that a lot of things have to be built until then.
The Social-Democrat Women’s Summer School took place last weekend in the Mamaia seaside resort. The Friday evening event however took place within the “Oleg Danovski” National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Constanta.

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