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June 25, 2022

Dragnea denies Gov’t reshuffle plans, PSD leadership considers to assess ministers’ activity

Social Democratic Party (PSD) interim chairman Liviu Dragnea says that the party hasn’t mentioned the possibility of reshuffling some of the Ponta Cabinet ministers.

“The party hasn’t mentioned reshuffle, and, as far as I know, the prime minister isn’t considering any reshuffle either. From my point of view, now, as we speak, it is not the case. Later on, we shall see… But this does not concern the evaluation of ministers to be discussed at the PSD’s National Standing Bureau meeting on Monday, but some briefings between ministers and the party,” Dragnea said at the Senate House on Sunday evening, after meeting PSD senators.
When asked whether he was dissatisfied with the activity of Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici, Liviu Dragnea explained: “I have no reason of dissatisfaction. A great number of pieces of information have emerged. I, for one, if I am dissatisfied, I will say so. First of all, the prime minister is the one who should voice satisfaction or dissatisfaction. I haven’t heard the prime minister saying he was dissatisfied with the finance minister.”

He insisted that at its meeting on Monday, the party’s National Standing Bureau (BPN) will discuss the need for ministers to constantly brief the party regarding their projects.

“The fact that we, in the BPN, asked and shall ask some ministers to present certain information is a fair thing and this is how it will work from now on, because for political support, for support in communication from all PSD members in governmental actions, the ministers have to brief the party. (…) We cannot publicly support some initiatives that we learn about on TV. I know the prime minister is open to this procedure, I know ministers are open. It is a slight change in the relation between the party and the Government, but in a good sense for the party, the prime minister and the Government alike,” said Dragnea.

Dragnea supporting idea of long-term truce among political forces

Social Democratic Party (PSD) interim Chairman Liviu Dragnea finds it timely the idea of a long-term truce among political forces.

“Romania needs construction, maybe even reconstruction in certain areas. Romania needs the achievement of a development plan for the next 20-30 years. It is essential. The economic growth reached by Ponta Cabinets, of 3 percent and over 3 percent, is very good, but for us to be able to hope that we can sometime narrow or eliminate the gap between us and the EU developed countries, we need economic growth of more than 7 percent for some time. The idea of a long-term truce among political forces and with the serious involvement of Romania’s President is an essential idea in jointly achieving a country project,” Dragnea said at the Senate House on Sunday, after a meeting of the PSD leaders with PSD senators.

Dragnea insisted that the parliamentary political parties have the capacity of working together on important topics and reaching consensus.

“If the projects are made separately, by the Power or by the Opposition, when the majority changes there is the risk of projects changing. If everyone takes responsibility for them, then they last in time. In the case of the Tax Code, we could see that we can work together,” Dragnea also said.

The PSD leader added that the parliamentary political parties will also work together on the public pay law, postal voting and the draft national budget.

“Political peace in Romania can only generate stability. A constant political war or harassment for the sake of harassment don’t give us the guarantee or hope that we can achieve serious and sustainable development,” Dragnea concluded.

Plumb: PSD’s BPN will decide on ministers’ assessment; Gov’t is doing its job

Chair of the National Council of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Rovana Plumb on Monday said PSD’s National Standing Bureau (BPN) will decide on the assessment of the job of the Ponta Cabinet ministers, adding that as far as she is concerned, the Government is doing its job and there is communication among everybody.

“That is what the Standing Bureau decides,” Plumb said in reply to whether or not the BPN should assess the PSD ministers in the Ponta Cabinet.

At the same time, asked whether or not there are issues related to communication among certain ministers on important issues, she said the Government is doing its job and there is communication among everybody.

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