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January 24, 2022

Blaga: We will submit a motion of censure at the right time. I would love a minority Government

PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga declared on Monday at the public TV station that Liberals will submit a motion of censure “at the right time”, adding that, personally, he would have preferred a minority Government, but that he did not exclude creating a partnership with UNPR, considering the experience of “collaboration” with Gabriel Oprea.

“At the right time, we will submit a motion of censure. In October, we will bring the teams for Ministries and, by the end of the session, we will submit a motion of censure”, Vasile Blaga declared for TVR.

Under these circumstances, the PNL Co-President showed that he wished a minority Government but did not exclude partnering with UNPR to create a Government, pointing out that “UNPR has always been an honest party”.

“I would love a minority Government if no anticipated elections would be held, although we would like to have anticipated elections. As a member of the grand National Liberal Party, I have a much longer experience than many members of the former PNL in working with Mr. Oprea and UNPR. Let us not forget that UNPR has supported the Boc and Ungureanu Governments, they have been fair, they have been honest and the Boc and Ungureanu Governments did not crash because of them”, the PNL Co-President declared.

Asked whether he wished to lead any Ministry, Blaga declared that, at the time being, he did not.

“We have not discussed the identity of Ministries, neither concerning Vasile Blaga, nor about Ms. Gorghiu, nor about other people. We are seeking a team of highly competent people and I must provide an example that there is room for other people as well. I could overtake any Ministry at any time, because I know them all very well”, Blaga showed.

On the other hand, asked by the host of the show to say whether he sought the Prime Minister’s resignation, Blaga gave an affirmative answer.

“I think so. I do not see him as a Prime Minister any more. You see that today, as well (on Monday, editor’s note), Mr. Dragnea has summoned the Ministers to a meeting to tell them how to communicate and what to do. Ponta is a mere piece of scenery over there, but I see that he keeps clinging to the chair of Prime Minister, although any person in his position would have resigned for a very long time”, Vasile Blaga declared.

UNPR’s Oprea: I have always said I support Ponta Government

National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) chairman, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea on Tuesday reiterated his support for the Victor Ponta Government.

When asked whether, in the eventuality of the National Liberal Party (PNL) creating a minority government, the UNPR would support it, Gabriel Oprea said: “I have always said I support the Victor Ponta Government.”

As to the statements of PNL co-chairman Vasile Blaga according to which he would prefer a minority government, without ruling out the UNPR support, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea pointed out: “With Vasile Blaga, former interior minister and a very serious man, I have a very good relation and he is a person with whom I collaborated very well and I believe this is also the reason for which he always says this… We know each other, we are serious people.”

Dragnea: A no-confidence motion is a democratic demarche

Referring to Blaga’s statement that PNL is preparing a no-confidence motion, PSD acting chairman Liviu Dragnea said that this is a democratic demarche. “We are a coalition and we cannot see how a no-confidence motion could pass, given that the coalition is quite large and there is serious parliamentary support for the Government. That is a democratic demarche to which the Opposition is entitled. They can table it anytime they want,” interim chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the main ruling party, said Tuesday after the meeting of the ruling coalition.

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