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September 27, 2022

IT&C sector – engine of the economy : Kogaion and Argent – operating systems created in Cluj-Napoca

The dynamic of the Romanian IT sectors is not only quantitative. The fact that IT&C “production” has a share of 7 per cent of GDP denotes creativeness, innovation and exceptional team spirit.
This goes for the Romanian Group for the Development of Gentoo-Derivative Technologies too. Gentoo is an operating system based on Linux or FreeBSD, which can be automatically optimized or personalized for almost any application or need.
Last week the Cluj-based team launched in Bucharest and Cluj two PC operating systems that are one hundred per cent Romanian, which could be used by regular users or within public administration, the education system or defence institutions.
Stefan Brandusa, development coordinator of the two operating systems, stated at the launch that the idea of such systems started in Cluj-Napoca four years ago.
“The idea of developing new operating systems started in Cluj-Napoca four years ago, in 2011, and RogentOS, our team of IT developers, programmers and specialists, has now managed to launch these two systems which are one hundred per cent Romanian and based on the Linux platform. We are talking about Kogaion and Argent. The former targets regular people, the home user, but is also meant for public administration or education institutions. Argent is a server module that concerns national security and is meant for defence institutions such as the Ministry of Defence, of the Interior, but also STS, SRI. The Argent system has some particularities that help us protect the defence system more efficiently compared to existing systems, it has consistent filtering and a higher security model compared to that of other operating systems,” Brandusa said.
“We will present the new operating systems to the Government, defence sector ministries, public administration institutions, city halls, in order for them to test them. We are confident that defence institutions will be interested in our product. The new systems could replace the ones currently present on computers,” Stefan Brandusa emphasized.
Kogaion Linux is the operating system oriented toward the regular user, easily to adapt to its needs. Being Desktop-oriented, it has the potential to be used by home users but also by the public administration and public institutions at national and local levels. Likewise, it can serve university and school administrations as an educational base, being capable of easily replacing the traditional Microsoft and Apple systems.
Argent Linux is the operating system oriented toward servers, cloud management, data centres, IT security, national and international security. It serves to protect the individual, tax collection and administrative services centres, intelligence services and the military as well as other national security institutions. Thus, it can be a feasible, viable derivative in all that national and international protection and security systems entail.
Stefan Brandusa pointed out that the name Kogaion comes from the holy mountain of the Dacians, while Argent is derived from the Latin word for silver, being the “symbol of the defensive, of resistance.”
The team of programmers is working on a third operating system called Argos, devised for mobile phones or tablets and capable of replacing the current systems installed on those devices.

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