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October 22, 2021

Romania, a country in a hurry to grow old

According to the latest demographic data, Romania’s population is growing old at an accelerated pace and is in its 26th year of demographic decline. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is the mass migration of young people. Moreover, a Roland Berger report shows that in 2030 Romania will be among the world’s top 15 countries with the oldest populations, digi24.ro informs.
The Revolution meant for Romanians an open path toward the West. After the 1990s, an increasing number of Romanians started to plan to leave the country. And when Romania acceded to the EU all barriers were lifted.
Tudorel Andrei, President of the National Statistics Institute: With the EU accession, the year 2007 marked a substantial growth in the number of Romanians that left abroad to Italy and Spain for instance and to other countries. This figure stabilized after 2008. In the 40-50 age bracket we have the biggest migration. Basically the regime back then prepared today’s migration.
Romania lost 2.3 million inhabitants in the last 25 years. Last year alone 184,000 people left the country. More precisely the population of cities such as Braila, Arad or Pitesti.
In the last two years more women left, in 2014 56.8 per cent of those who left were women. Members of the 20-50 age bracket left, namely active persons.
The departure of active persons also had consequences when it comes to the change of ratios on the labour market. The employees-retirees ratio became unbalanced. While in 1990 there were 10 employees for every 4 pensioners, now the ratio is 1:1, namely one employee for one retiree.
“Statistics show that at this moment 1 in every 7 Romanians is an elderly person, however things could change totally in the next 15 years. Studies show that in 2030 in Romania there will be 1 elderly person for every 3 people,” Digi24 correspondent Stefana Todica informs.
The total population dropped too. From 23 million Romanians in 1992 to 19.8 million in the last national census.
Mihai Preotesi, Quality of Life researcher: In the last 20 years the population aged 75 and older doubled. There are two reasons why the average age is growing: on one hand the rise in the average life expectancy and on the other hand the drop in births. If the downward trend remains our country will have a little over 14 million people 50 years from now.

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