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August 14, 2022

Romanian air traffic controllers’ strike cancelled

Romanian air traffic controllers cancelled their Tuesday’s strike, Transportation Minister Iulian Matache announced on Monday evening.
“Eurocontrol has been notified, there’s no more problem whatsoever,” Matache declared.
Flight controllers announced one week ago that they would go on an all-out strike on September 1, 11:00 c’clock, dissatisfied with not having a collective employment contract.
Their employer, ROMATSA, had asked a Bucharest court to declare the strike illegal, but saw its request denied on Friday.
ROMATSA’s general manager Ion-Aurel Stanciu has resigned on Friday, as demanded by the labour union of the company, thus allowing the negotiations to continue.
Minister-delegate for Social Dialogue Liviu Pop had announced that the collective bargaining of ROMATSA’s employees can be registered on Monday, irrespective the time the negotiations conclude, so that the air traffic controllers have their rights regulated as of Tuesday.

Collective employment contract signed at ROMATSA, registration follows

The collective employment agreement has been signed at ROMATSA and will be registered as soon as possible at the Territorial Labour Inspectorate to produce effects, the company’s deputy manager Fanica Carnu announced on Monday night, after the successful end of negotiations to prevent a strike of air traffic controllers.
According to him, the European air traffic safety organization Eurocontrol has been notified, and air navigation services in Romania proceed normally.

PM Ponta: ROMATSA is not on strike; I am glad reason has prevailed

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has hailed the cancellation of a strike by the air traffic controllers of the ROMATSA national air service provider, congratulating Transport Minister Iulian Matache on having managed to settle the first crisis in his term in office.

“ROMATSA is not on strike! I am glad that reason has prevailed and the people who were to fly tomorrow will not have to suffer (and congratulations to Minister Iulian Matache on settling the first crisis in his term in office)!” Ponta said Monday in a Facebook post.

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