Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomacy: Our ambassadors, too shy when promoting Romania’s economic interests, says PM Ponta

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday said that the ambassadors and the other diplomatic representatives of Romania are “too shy” when promoting the country’s economic interests, pointing out that there are very many states with which Romania has excellent political and diplomatic relations, but ” nothing happens from an economic viewpoint.”

“I want your support in the economic diplomacy area. (…) We still have too many countries with which we have excellent political and diplomatic relations, but nothing happens from an economic viewpoint. They are either too far, or we don’t know how to coordinate ourselves, or the old system with the economic attaches with the Economy Ministry [is to blame]. (…) I want to ask all of you to do what the ambassadors accredited in Bucharest do, who contact me every time mostly on economic matters, as on political and diplomatic matters we understand each other very easily. (…) I have always complained that our ambassadors, our representatives are still too shy when promoting Romania’s economic interests and I am specifically referring not only to the European Union countries with which it is natural to have the main economic and commercial activity, but the countries outside the EU,” Ponta told the opening of the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomacy.

He also showed that, although Turkey is now the main economic partner of Romania outside the European Union in the new global context, there are currently new economic opportunities in other areas of the world as well.

“I believe that through the political changes worldwide – as you can see, the relationship with Iran is getting back to normalcy, there are opportunities in a difficult period in Asia – I believe your role of supporting the Romanian companies, economic projects, foreign investment in Romania must be much more significant than so far,” Ponta added.

Prime Minister urges diplomats to fight for Moldova’s interests as they do for Romania’s

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday urged Romanian diplomats to fight for the Republic of Moldova’s interests as they do for Romania’s, saying that Moldova is Romania’s “uttermost priority.”

“I want all the representatives of Romania in all countries and international organisations to please continue what started a long time ago: saying that Moldova is Romania’s uttermost priority. I have just been to Moldova, where I met the new local government. This is the 4th prime minister I am working with, and I wished him a long term in office. Moldova needs our support, including diplomatic support, and I want to ask you to please fight for Moldova’s interests the same as you do for Romania’s any time there is an opportunity. I believe that this is a legitimate and fair position and I believe that now, more than ever before, Moldova needs our support,” Ponta told the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy.

On the other hand, Ponta asked diplomats for support as far as regional collaboration is concerned, underscoring the important regional part played by Romania.

“We have neighbours that are just neighbours and that should be friends. I mean all the countries in our region that are so important to us. (…) I would like us to be a regional partner and friend that displays seriousness and interest. (…) I want you to understand that our regional role is important and that all our neighbours are economic and political partners with whom we have to coordinate in a very complicated region,” Ponta added.

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