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January 28, 2023

Foreign Minister Aurescu: Sharing migrant quotas, not the only solution to migration, finding source is important

Romania’s Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu said Tuesday, in relation to the situation triggered by the huge number of refugees coming to Europe from Africa and the East, that sharing migrant quotas among the European Union member states is not the only solution to the migrant issue, and the important thing is to find the source of it, namely instability in the EU’s southern neighbourhood and the fight against terror.

“I believe unilateral or isolated national solutions not in concert with other European countries cannot bring sustainable results for the issue. At the same time, I believe we should find solutions to take care of migration at the source, including the countries of origin. Taking measures such as sharing migrant quotas – on which debate is open – is not enough; taking care of the source of the problem, nearly instability in the southern neighbourhood, the fight against terror, issues related to weak statehood in some of these regional actors are challenges to which responses have to be found as part of various initiatives and actions at the European Union level,” Aurescu said at the end of the opening gala on Tuesday of the Embassies’ Festival.

Asked about solutions to the situation of the refugees, the Romanian chief diplomat said it is still too early for solutions.

“There already are a series of proposals emerging from the initiatives of the European Commission which are known. There are already solutions discussed by the European Council and there were already some commitments made by the member states in a uniform manner. Romania has also pledged some of the commitments and it remains to be seen the magnitude of the phenomenon and additional solutions we can have in mind. Romania has already undertaken to take action, under the decisions of the European Council, including voluntarily taking over a number of refugees, but we have to analyse together, at the EU level, the new context generated by the latest wave of migrants to find the most appropriate solutions,” added Aurescu.

He also said the problems facing the refugees are one of the items on the agenda of a September 4 informal meeting of EU foreign ministers to be hosted by Luxembourg.

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