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August 10, 2022

Monica Macovei: You do not rob a country you love, DNA may cross Prut river

The National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) may cross Prut river, Monica Macovei declared. The member of the European Parliament had provided an extended interview for Radio Free Europe, discussing the struggle against corruption as well as the internal and foreign affairs of Romania and the Republic of Moldova.
“I understand very well that the inhabitants of the Republic of Moldova are all asking: ‘DNA, cross the Prut!’. Very well, let them cross the Prut. Let us put pressure. People in Chisinau are heading to the streets – to force things to happen. So, you cannot claim to have the power in a Pro-European coalition if there is no constitutional state which means that anyone who steals or gets involved in corruption must be held responsible by laws equally – the Prime Minister, politicians, members of the Parliament and Ministers, just like your average Joe. This is the rule, this is the “health” of democracy: if you steal, you go to jail, your money is seized, and even more, there is extended forfeit of your wealth if you cannot justify your possessions. It must happen this way, because, otherwise, they are not trustworthy and they fail to make the country progress by not proceeding this way. How can you call yourself Pro-European if you do such things. Because this is what Europe means: people who make mistakes are bound to pay”, Monica Macovei declared.
The author of the interview asked Monica Macovei also about Prime Minister Victor Ponta in Kishinev that took place in the past few days, respectively the meeting with Vlad Plahotniuc.
“I saw what Ponta did, he went to Plahotniuc, he made a few photographs with him as if he was a character to bring some benefit to this world. For me, it is a shame that Romania’s Prime Minister was the one to do such thing. He did many things I am ashamed of, but I am even more ashamed because of the fact that I love Moldova very much, just as much as I love Romania. Yet, politicians such as Ponta and as many others on both borders of Prut river do not love their country and it shows. You do not rob a country you love, it is simple. You do anything you can to keep people in their home country, to avoid them leaving, to make them stay by offering them chances, by casting away corruption all over, by not stealing and not robbing banks. All these politicians must be controlled, to check where they got all this money from, how they managed to build their houses and everything they own – from their salaries? Let us check. This is why I am saying it can be done. It can be done, if someone wants to do it. Let us find that person”, Monica Macovei added.
Asked whether this campaign, “DNA, cross the Prut”, was a realistic one, the former Justice Minister replied that it was “something realistic”.

“It is something realistic, because it can be done. And I am telling this based on experience, because they had been saying the same thing in Romania, that it cannot be done. Oh, yes, it can! People must understand that they are in charge and that they decide. We need independent judges and prosecutors who could have the guts to say: “Let me see, brother, who is involved in robbing banks and who stole EUR one billion, and where did that billion go?”. I think it can be done. Anything can be done, if you want it”, Monica Macovei mentioned.

The MEP also added that additional pressure in this direction might also come from the European Union and the Council of Europe.

“I am returning to DNA. Yes, Ponta will not do such thing, because Ponta is being investigated by the DNA. The beginning may be achieved by a DNA prosecutor – it would be easier, because he speaks Romanian and he is able to read proof and documents. This could be the beginning and then, perhaps other people would gain courage to do it, people from here and even people from abroad. But I think that us, people from both sides of the Prut, could solve these things and that we do not need anyone from abroad. If some people from DNA would come over, this thing could be done. So, let us focus on demanding this”, Monica Macovei further declared.

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