PM Ponta on refugees’ issue: We aren’t standing with our arms crossed, we are prepared

In the context of the situation created by the refugees coming to Europe from Africa and the Middle East, Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday said that Romania is prepared,and it has also taken “all necessary security measures” at the borders.

“We shall have a discussion in the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT), I have also discussed with the President. The interior minister is the one drawing up all the documents and at the end we shall let you know. We aren’t standing with our arms crossed, we are prepared; however, it is important that the decisions and communication be coordinated. If we have a CSAT meeting and the interior minister produces the documents and we approve them, then we shall announce you,” Ponta told the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy.

When asked what security measures were taken at the border in this context, the PM replied “all necessary measures.” .

“I don’t want to stir panic anywhere, it is not the case for anything like this, we are prepared,” the prime minister added.

“Statements on turning Muslims away and close borders – populist demagogic aberrations”

Premier Victor Ponta said on Wednesday that statements circulated in the media according to which Romania should not take in Muslims because allegedly they are all terrorists, and should close its borders to them, are “extremely populist and demagogic.”

“Certain politicians, out of populism or because you no longer pay attention to them, make all kind of aberrant statements, like that we should not receive Muslims because they are all terrorists – which is an aberration – and that we must close borders, receive no one. Really? But we liked it when the Romanians traveled to Europe. We must pursue a European policy. We must quiet such highly populist and demagogic statements (…), we must calm them down,” Ponta said after attending the annual meeting of Romanian diplomats in Bucharest.

Referring to theories according to which no new mosque should be built in Bucharest, Ponta said that Romania is a country model for the peaceful coexistence of various denominations.

“If some madman who wants to blow us up suddenly shows up, we have laws and institutions in place to sort things out. I think we are a model of respect for all of Romania’s citizens, regardless of their religion, or if they have no religion at all, and we also have laws and institutions that are capable to sanction and cool down those hotheads,” added the Prime Minister, according to Agerpres.

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