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May 18, 2022

Radical change of approach regarding Presidency and Opposition at the top of PSD

Less than two months after Victor Ponta’s departure from the PSD management, new Social Democrat leader changed the rules of the game. Liviu Dragnea has a different strategy for the relation with Presidency as well as with Opposition. And he is not the only great political player to show such changes, digi24.ro reports.
After overtaking the leadership of PSD, Liviu Dragnea radically changed the strategy of the party regarding the relation with the Romanian President.
When Klaus Iohannis sent the FiscalCode for reexamination, Victor Ponta was also the Head of PSD, besides being Prime Minister. He had declared that the law would be subject to no change. That it would return to Cotroceni in its initial version.

In the meantime, Victor Ponta has resigned from the top of PSD and was replaced by Liviu Dragnea. Two rounds of negotiations have followed and, in the end of these, the leaders of Parliament parties had agreed that the draft law needs changes.
Moreover, Liviu Dragnea is now saying that he wishes to seek President Iohannis’ opinion on major topics.

Interim PSD President Liviu Dragnea declared that he did not intend to grant a blank check to President Klaus Iohannis, yet, he was unwilling to fuel a pointless war with the President and, therefore, he offered Romania the present of political stability.
“So, you tell me that I am accused or attacked by certain people for gifting Mr. Iohannis a political climate that favours dialogue. I want to tell you with all honesty that I want to gift Romania this political climate. A political climate based on dialogue and political peace and a longtime truce can only be beneficial for the entire country, for the development of this country and for creating a draft development plan on the long run”, the interim President of PSD declared, as quoted by Agerpres.

Dragnea: I do not want a pointless war with Romania’s President!

Liviu Dragnea added: “I think there are few people who keep criticising me on their personal blogs. Most of them have communist nostalgias; I even saw a comparison between Ceausescu and Gheorghiu Dej. Yes, I fully assume it. I do not want a pointless war with Romania’s President. I do not think it is efficient and I do not see who has anything to win in such situation but Romania definitely has a lot to lose. As long as all political parties are willing to cooperate and agree on a political pact for Romania’s development and whether Romania’s President will be willing to coordinate this thing, he will find a friend and a serious partner in me. (…) I had had discussions with colleagues in the party who are supportive of such approach, as both the members of PSD and the citizens they are in touch with are sick and tired of a ten-year long political war. During that time, (…) Romania could have progressed much more and it did not. (…) We managed, and Victor Ponta achieved great results as Prime Minister – to lead Romania from an economically challenging position to an increase of over 3 per cent, but are we content with an economical growth of 3 per cent? Perhaps not, and I think that, if we do not establish a target of a constant increase of 6 – 7 per cent, we cannot hope we will ever be able to reach the level of development registered in the highly advanced countries of Western Europe.”
The politician emphasised that he did not offer a blank check to Klaus Iohannis. “I never said that, I never grant a blank check to anyone, but you will never hear me criticising someone just for the sake of criticism. I never did such thing”.
The interim President of PSD also changed the declared attitude of the party regarding Opposition. He wants to seek an agreement with the leaders of the Opposition on several major topics, just like in the situation of the Tax Code.
“The salary law is an important project. All parties must agree, so that the final form would be accepted in a political consensus”, Liviu Dragnea pointed out.
The new party strategy also determined the Prime Minister to review his position.
“The more we seek each other’s advice, the better”, Victor Ponta now says.
A similar approach was also embraced by UNPR leader Gabriel Oprea. Even before Victor Ponta left the PSD management, UNPR had joined the Opposition in voting for Mihai Razvan Ungureanu’s appointment as leader of SIE, as well as the national defence strategy while their colleagues in the Government coalition had boycotted the Parliament Plenum meeting.
Later, UNPR suggested, similarly to PNL, discussions regarding the Fiscal Code.
“I believe it is a constructive dialogue, it will be seen, things are developing in harmony, which is in Romania’s best interest”, Liviu Dragnea declared.
In this session, PSD is preparing to negotiate with Liberals on the postal voting law, so that it could be applied in next year’s Parliament elections.

Gorghiu: Dragnea has had a conciliating tone lately and that could be tricky

PNL Co-president Alina Gorghiu said Monday night that PNL would need to be vigilant as far as PSD was concerned and that it would not fall in the trap set by the Social-Democrats regarding the wage law. She added that Liviu Dragnea had had ‘a conciliating tone’ lately, which, according to her ‘could be tricky’.
‘PNL is the party that has always been open for dialogue. I identify the nuance Liviu Dragnea stresses in his public rhetoric – that PSD is open for dialogue. They have also demonstrated they were by accepting our project regarding prudence, discussing the Fiscal Code’, Gorghiu said on Realitatea TV. However, she added that the Social-Democrats were still her party’s political opponent and that the Liberals knew very well what the people in the party led by Liviu Dragnea were ‘capable of’.
‘Liviu Dragnea has had a conciliating tone lately and that could be tricky. We know the people of PSD, we know what they are capable of, they are our political opponents. This doesn’t mean that, on important things we will not find a common way to generate valuable projects’, Alina Gorghiu further said.

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