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November 26, 2022

Senate’s Speaker Tariceanu: Romania does not have economic resources of big powers in refugee crisis, or temptation of selfishness

The crisis of Syrian refugees is the gravest since WWII and Romania does not have the economic resources of the big powers in such case or the temptation of narrow selfishness, Chairman of Romania’s Senate Calin Popescu-Tariceanu told the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy on Wednesday.

He added that there is currently international fluidity that seems to have sped up to the limits of instability that carries new risks to Romania.

“The situation in Ukraine getting longer and chronical as reflected in the consolidation of the annexation of Crimea and the extension of the conflict at the eastern borders of Ukraine turns things in what we can call bordering the administrative frontiers of Georgia’s breakaway provinces, a clear example of breakaway areas becoming permanent and that can become time and again hot. The increasingly more aggressive posture of the Russian Federation toward the eastern allies of NATO, including Romania, which is forever incriminated for the missile defence shield at Deveselu, a fact for the fundamental security and political axis in the strategic partnership between Romania and the US, is the most threatening factor against stability and a risk factor to regional and global security,” said Tariceanu.

He added that Romania should contribute more substantially to the drawing up of the NATO strategic vision and the rethinking of NATO’s mission in the new context.

Tariceanu said the problem at the eastern NATO borders is also the problem at the eastern EU border.

He pointed out that Europe’s security systems should be rethought and if Russia fails to get back to the normal behavioural limits its participation in continental and regional cooperation organisations should be abridged.

The Senate chairman also said the special relationship between Romania and Moldova should be as substantial as possible and overcome the vicissitudes of a threatened region.

On the other hand, he said that “stability in the southern and eastern parts of the Mediterranean Sea should not be paid for with the freedom of the citizens in those areas, but by a solid and coherent assistance project for the construction and strengthening of democratic organisationss in this European neighbourhood area.”

He added that the European vocation of Turkey should not be abandoned, but all efforts should be deployed for the absorption of conflict and instability areas.

Tariceanu also advocated the development of cultural and economic diplomacy.

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