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January 28, 2023

Elena Udrea back in Parliament: “I will try to be a very active lawmaker”

Former Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea stated on Thursday that on the resumption of her activity as a Member of Parliament she wants to be a very active MP.
“I will try to be a very active lawmaker, because there are a lot of things left unsolved from one sitting to the next, there are a lot of things that do not reach Parliament from citizens, from society. I believe there is the need for lawmakers that do not need to owe favours. I do not have the obligation to toe a party’s line, I do not talk on the basis of note cards and I have the freedom to support any draft law that I believe is good for those who elected me, irrespective of what the opinion of a political party might be,” Udrea stated in Parliament where she showed up in order to vote on the new Fiscal Code.
Asked what she talked about with former president Traian Basescu on Wednesday, Udrea said: “About politics.” Udrea thus confirmed the information according to which she talked with Traian Basescu, after the press claimed that the former president had paid her a home visit.

Surprised by Alina Bica’s third arrest

The former Head of the Popular Movement Party (PMP), Elena Udrea, declared on Wednesday for Romania TV that he was surprised by the new arrest of the former Head of DIICOT Alina Bica. The Deputy added that “after the dementia of autumn – spring, when this ridiculous politics of preventive arrests that did not exist in Romania so far started, I thought things have cooled down a bit”.
Elena Udrea mentioned that Alina Bica will soon catch up with her when it comes to arrest and criminal pursuit requests.
“The fact that Alina Bica was preventively arrested once again, for the third time, makes me think that she is in the situation to catch up with me quite soon, as I have about nine arrest and criminal pursuits totally so far.
I was surprised by her arrest because I thought that, following the dementia of autumn – spring, when this ridiculous politics of preventive arrests that has never existed in Romania before has started, things have cooled down a little bit”, Elena Udrea declared.
The former Head of PMP showed she was startled by the fact that the High Court had decided Bica was no social threat, and yet, she was placed under preventive arrest for the third time.
“I was surprised to find out that she is at her third preventive arrest. Alina Bica cannot be a social threat as the High Court has definitively decided in April that she did not represent a social threat. (…)
She is accused once again for a corruption felony and, if in April it was considered that she was no public threat, now, in September, we find out that Alina Bica has once again become a public threat”, Elena Udrea also mentioned.
The former Head of PMP considers that it is normal that defendants would be investigated while free in corruption cases.
“Adrian Nastase, Dan Voiculescu, former Minister Pacuraru and nine more Ministers have kept their freedom while being tried for corruption.
There is this practice that has started about last autumn, while Traian Basescu’s second term was coming to an end, putting high price on preventive arrest. Preventive arrest should be adopted for rapists and thieves. And we see that it is least applied in such situations, when violent crimes are committed and perpetrators are genuine social threat”, Elena Udrea also added.
Asked about the Microsoft file and Dinu Pescariu’s involvement in the file as denounce maker, Elena Udrea declared that it is “immoral” that the person who denounces an act of corruption, even if he had initiated it, is exempted of any guilt.
“We have a conformity report on Romania, issued by GRECO – Group of States Against Corruption – approved in 2012. Article 34 criticises Romania for exempting the denounce maker of any guilt if they denounce a corruption crime, even if he is the initiator of said corruption crime. (…).

For this fact, Romania is criticised in the conformity report of 2012. (…) I can understand the satisfaction, after 25 years of high level corruption, (…) I can understand the urge of society, generally, to seek justice and to see familiar characters wearing handcuffs on their hands.

What satisfaction can society have when people who have initiated the corruption felonies and who have joined corruption networks will remain free and keep their money? This thing is immoral”, the former Head of PMP declared.

Moreover, Elena Udrea pointed out that there were an abusive use of preventive arrests in Romania.
“I have heard many political leaders with criminal files saying that these codes should not be changed under any circumstances. It is endless hypocrisy. There are 26 decisions by the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) establishing the unconstitutionality of articles in the new codes. (…)
I think that there is a practice, too, in applying these codes. By example, preventive arrest is not compulsory, it is stipulated under certain circumstances. An abuse of preventive arresting, as well as an abuse of publicly exposing people wearing handcuffs on their hands. (…)
“I have been kept in the Central Arrest Department and in Targsor Prison. At Central Arrest, they were bringing me outside wearing handcuffs and carried me that way to the DNA, much to the delight of the media; from prison, they brought me without handcuffs.
ECHR condemns states where, while under preventive arrest and representing no public danger, people are forced to wear handcuffs”, Udrea added again.
Asked whether she was afraid of being arrested again, Elena Udrea declared:
“There are targets, people being hunted, anf anyone who declares anything against them is exempted of legal responsibility and may keep their money”, Udrea mentioned.
Elena Udrea was present once again in front of the High Court on Wednesday. The former Tourism Minister appealed the decision that overruled her demand to cease probation in the “Bute Gala” File, yet, she was once again unsuccessful.

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