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May 17, 2021

Postal voting: Zgonea wants to analyse the possibility of using it for citizens in the country

Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker Valeriu Zgonea says that it is necessary to implement postal voting as fast as possible, based on a consensus among institutional actors and civil society. Zgonea thinks also that a serious analysis is required, regarding the opportunity to implement this system for citizens in the country, too.
“It is necessary to implement postal voting as fast as possible, based on a consensus of institutional actors and the representatives of civil society. I support the development of easily comprehensible mechanisms, that do not bureaucratize the process extensively and that would be increasingly transparent, perhaps even to involve the use of electronic infrastructure, if dialogue partners agree with this pattern”, Zgonea wrote on Thursday on his Facebook account.
The President of the Chamber of Deputy added that “PSD wished that the new law of postal voting would increase the confidence of citizens living abroad and of partners of the country in Romanian institutions.
“Obviously, in my opinion, a serious analysis is required on the opportunity of implementing this system for citizens in the country as well”, Zgonea also pointed out. ‪
Recently, PSD empowered Chamber of Deputy President Valeriu Zgonea to elaborate a set of principles that would create the basis for the postal voting law and to send them to AEP, an institution due to collaborate on its turn, on the project dedicated to this topic.
PSD interim President Liviu Dragnea declared on Monday that Valeriu Zgonea has finished the draft on the principles of postal voting law, due to be sent to AEP for observations, and discussions in the Parliament are to follow soon.
“Valeriu Zgonea told us that he has finished the draft of principles that must be found in this draft law, that must be sent to AEP, that will send parties in the Parliament a form that can be discussed and adopted fast in a reasonable period of time, so that it could be applied for the Parliament elections of 2016”, Dragnea declared.

PNL Vice-President Mihai Voicu showed that Liberals are drawing a signal that members of the Parliament and AEP should not miss the opinion of people in the Diaspora regarding the postal voting law and that the draft submitted by Liberals is the only one that includes laws agreed on by Romanian citizens living abroad.

Voicu, the President of the Electoral Code Committee, also declared that the parties should make efforts at the beginning of the Parliament session in order to adopt the postal voting law as fast as possible, at least until the end of November, in order to apply it for the future legislative elections.

Also, PNL has adopted on Saturday a resolution demanding political parties to urgently adopt the postal voting law until November 1, so that it can be applied for the Parliament elections in 2016.

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