Defence Minister Dusa: Romanian troops are excellent ambassadors

The Romanian troops are the country’s excellent ambassadors in the world, their activity and professionalism being appreciated, National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa said on Thursday at the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy.

“In the new conditions of security, of world transformation and of the large number of occurring events, perhaps this classic diplomacy should switch to both classic and military diplomacy. I believe this is what happens and, for many times, this is what our military do in various theatres of operations, this is what our specialists do, our officers, our commanders we have to the NATO bodies and to the EU military bodies, their activity and professionalism are highly appreciated. The Romanian military, alongside the ambassadors are Romania’s very good ambassadors in the world and wherever I travel, and whatever I talk and whichever reunion I attend with my colleagues, I only hear warm, appreciative words to the Romanian military,” said Dusa.

He reminded that Romania is among the few countries that has increased its defence budget, which gave it the possibility to perform a larger number of military exercises necessary in the current security context.

“By boosting this budget, we have also had the possibility to increase the number of exercises, of joint training with the NATO countries and at the same time, to secure a permanent presence, through rotation, of the NATO military in Romania,” the minister added.

Dusa explained that the raise of the defence budget targeted two aspects: to increase the operational capacity of the Romanian Army on a programme spread over a certain time, and also to endow and modernize it, so that Romania could have the capabilities it has assumed at NATO, EU level.

As for the NATO military exercises on Romania’s territory, Dusa said they are a proof that the member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and of the EU are not indifferent to the security situation on their Eastern flank.

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