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October 8, 2022

Festival of the Embassies: Embassy of Mexico organizes exhibition of Aztec and Mayan art

The Embassy of Mexico participates in the Festival of the Embassies in Bucharest organized by the Association Escu with the exhibition of 17 statues representing Aztec and Mayan deities.
Aztec culture is still part of the Mexican identity in our days. The statues are depictions of Aztec warriors in traditional clothing, women adorned with jewels and decorated with flowers, gods who were representing symbols of abundance and peculiar hairless dogs called Xoloitzcuintli in Nahuatl.
The Maya remains one of the most mysterious civilizations. They were established in the Yucatan peninsula in 1800 B.C. and peaked between 300-900 A.C. and then they were vanished without knowing the reason today.
The civilization that later flourished after the Mayas were the Aztecs who then ruled the territories of Central America until the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in 1519.
The exhibition will be held until to 5 September at the National Library. There is still time to watch it this weekend and wonder how two of the oldest civilizations in the world continue to fascinate.

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