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January 24, 2021

Last day of Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomacy dedicated to communication, consular services, elections abroad

The final day of the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomacy was devoted to several thematic working sessions, such as public communication in a diplomatic environment, consular relations and improving consular services and preparing the organizing of parliamentary elections abroad.

The session devoted to consular activity addressed topics relating to the modernization of the consular network through implementing the E-Cons platform, as well as aspects relating to the management of special situations, a press release sent to AGERPRES on Friday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) informs.

“The session was presented by MAE General Secretary Sorin Moise and by the General Director of the Consular Department Bogdan Stanescu, who stressed in their interventions the actions taken recently by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure quality consular services and to provide consular protection in emergency situations,” MAE states.

Another topic of discussion was the organizing of elections abroad. The session saw the participation of Ana Maria Patru, president of the Permanent Electoral Bureau. According to MAE, during debates on this topic the chiefs of mission were presented with the provisions of Law no. 208/2015 on elections for the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, as well as for organizing and the functioning of AEP.

In practice, MAE points out, the main amendments of the new legislative framework regulating elections abroad were brought to the attention of those present. A special focus was placed on means to establish voting sections abroad and the pre-registration process.

“Also, the practical means to implement, in accordance with the new legal framework, of MAE’s attributions in electoral matters and implicitly, of diplomatic missions and consular offices were analyzed. In this context, the immediate measures to be adopted by the missions for a good preparation of parliamentary elections in the autumn of 2016 were discusses,” the above-mentioned source informs.

“The session on public communication in the diplomatic environment was held by a specialized media trainer, which shared his experience on communicating with international mass media, with relevant case studies and good practices of public diplomatic communication. The conclusions of internal management working sessions highlighted the need to allocate human and financial resources to Romanian diplomatic missions, to improve services designed to citizens,” MAE stated.

Permanent Electoral Authority head: Unfettered access of Diaspora to the polls, one of AEP main objectives

Unfettered access to the polls of the Romanians in the Diaspora will be one of the main objectives of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP), so that incidents like those occurred in the 2014 elections would not repeat, AEP chairperson Ana Maria Patru told on Friday the Annual Meeting of Diplomacy in Bucharest.

According to a release sent by the AEP to Agerpres, Patru highlighted the importance of computerization of the polling stations and of implementation of the IT system for monitoring turnout and preventing illegal votes; she said that this will increase the transparency of the electoral process and will prevent the multiple voting attempts.

“The authority’s head spoke to the audience of the importance of enlisting the Romanian voters living or with the residence abroad in the electoral Register, starting with April 1 2015 so that, for the next year’s parliamentary elections enough polling stations are created, and the experience in the 2014 presidential elections will never repeat,” the source specifies.

Patru participated in the debate ‘Preparing the organization of the elections, the new electoral law, the experiences resulted from the preparation and the process of the previous electoral exercises’, organized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry under the Romanian Diplomacy Annual Meeting attended by chiefs of the permanent diplomatic missions – ambassadors, consuls general and directors of the Romanian Cultural Institutes abroad.

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