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January 27, 2022

Summer school of the National Liberal Youth: Gorghiu rules out government of national union

Co-chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Alina Gorghiu on Friday ruled out the possibility of a government of national union.

“There was no such idea; I am ruling out such solution [a national union government]. (…) What I want is to see that at the negotiating table we will get to unblock the situation because we are now trying a dialogue. I would like us to have the dialogue on themes of public interest, and I mean here the public pay law and infrastructure,” Gorghiu told a summer school of the National Liberal Youth (TNL) at the Black Sea resort of Eforie Nord.

She argued that by isolating Prime Minister Victor Ponta of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), an ideal environment was created for a dialogue with PSD.

PNL’s other co-chair Vasile Blaga also excluded the possibility of creating a government of national union. He said that certain themes of national interest have to be discussed together by the Power and the Opposition.

Blaga insisted that PNL’s main foe is PSD, no matter who leads PSD.

Blaga: Ponta, a failure of a young politician; he is worse than older PSD members

Co-chair of the opposition National Liberal party (PNL) Vasile Blaga on Friday said PNL wants to get to power, adding that Prime Minister Victor Ponta of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is ”a failure of a young politician.”

“The governing programme of PNL has to be promoted by credible people. (…) We want to govern, no matter how mad Ponta gets with me. (…) We want to govern and also to organise elections while we are in power,” Blaga told a summer school of the National Liberal Youth (TNL).

He criticised the Government for the organisation of the 2014 presidential election and for having refused to hold by-elections for the vacant MP seats.

Blaga urged the young Liberals to be united. “You have the opportunity to take over and lead the strongest party in Romania, PNL. There is still work to do, things to harmonise, but we have to take a look ahead to see what disunited us [PNL from the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL)]. (…) Our chance is to be united and I am urging you to learn only good things from those our age, because some of us have erred. Be wiser than us!’ said Blaga.

He also advised the young Liberals not to be like Victor Ponta, but to get into politics and promote themselves by work.

“Do not be like Victor Ponta. He is a clear failure of a young politician who got where he did not deserve to be. He is worse even than some old PSD members, who would sometimes keep their word. He lies as he breathes. Where did he first vote on the Tax Code? From Istanbul?” added Blaga.

He called on the young Liberals to provide support for electioneering in 2016, warning them that what PNL does not win, PSD does.

1,200,000 signatures for Ponta’ resignation as PM

Co-chairperson of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Alina Gorghiu announced that the Liberals gathered 1,200,000 signatures for the resignation of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, also terming the Social Democratic Party (PSD) as a “worn-out machine.”

“The worst thing in politics, which is also most dangerous for young people, is when they consider themselves perfect. There’s one we see at the Victoria Palace of Government, who thinks about himself he’s perfect. Don’t follow his example,” Alina Gorghiu told the young Liberals.

She reiterated that, given that Premier Victor Ponta is being indicted, PNL will ask for his resignation, and showed that the Liberals have gathered 1,200,000 signatures to this effect.

“The only thing PNL can do is to ask for his resignation. We collected those 1,200,000 signatures,” Gorghiu told the Summer School meeting of the National Liberal Youth.

In addition, the PNL Co-chairperson said that she will ignore “any of the Prime Minister’s language slippages or attempts to play the victim,” whenever he might take a swipe at her.

“He has a special status when it comes to justice. He is indicted, accused of money laundering, document forgery and had a distraint on property issued. Therefore, personal attacks won’t wipe out this image,” Gorghiu said, pointing out that European leaders look at Ponta as at a defendant.

She compared the PSD with a “worn out car that is out of spare parts,” claiming the party is no longer able to reform and no longer has powerful grassroots.

At the same time, the PNL Co-chairperson asked the young Liberals to mobilize for the next election campaign, stressing that “fresh, untainted people should run in the upcoming elections.”

“I would like to a woman to take over at the helm of a county council at the local elections,” Gorghiu added, according to Agerpres.

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