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April 16, 2021

When will Traian Basescu join PMP?

Former Head of the State Traian Basescu still keeps people wondering about his return to the political stage, by joining the People’s Movement Party (PMP), saying that he will make the announcement in Bucharest and not elsewhere.
On Wednesday afternoon, Basescu met the PMP leaders at party headquarters to discuss the reorganisation process of the group.
“We checked how the reorganisation process went on in the territory. It goes on pretty well, there are new people joining the party”, the former President declared.

A decisive move

Basescu announced his attendance, on Saturday, at the Youth Summer School in Mamaia. Asked whether he would announce his joining PMP on Saturday, Basescu said: “No, will not make this announcement anywhere else but Bucharest, when I will make it.”
The fact that the crucial electoral year 2016 is coming fast and the complication of the internal political life made Romania’s former President reach a radical decision. Traian Basescu will overtake the leading position in the Popular Movement Party and will lead it during both electoral battles of 2016, when PMP will make no alliances (our sources claim he will be the PMP President), an analysis published on stiripesurse.ro points out.

“The first step made by Traian Basescu was the one of joining the party. According to our information… the next step will be taken at the PMP Summer School, where the general plans of battle will be established for the actions of PMP.
The reentering of the former Head of the State in the stage of politics is not accidental. Sociological analyses showed a slight, yet constant increase for Traian Basescu in the last month and favourable months are forecast during the sterile disagreements between PSD and PNL and between Ponta and Iohannis.
In the meantime, the hemorrhage of people who left PMP out of lack of perspectives has stopped and, moreover, spectacular arrivals / returns are awaited.

Sources inside PMP show that the target would be a better positioning at local elections and a score of 7 – 8 per cent at Parliament elections. Such score would turn PMP into a party that, under certain circumstances, would join the Government, the analysis made by Iosif Buble for stiripesurse.ro concludes.

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