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November 28, 2021

PSD’s Dragnea invites Foreign Minister to the coalition meeting to report on immigrants

dragnea gara keletiSocial Democratic Party (PSD) acting chairman Liviu Dragnea announced in a Facebook post on Friday he has invited foreign minister Bodgan Aurescu to the coalition’s meeting on Tuesday, to report on the situation of immigrants.

“I want him to tell us whether we are prepared or not, how many immigrants will come exactly, what does it earn for the Romanian state, what measures we need to take,” the Social Democrat Party interim leader wrote on his Facebook page.
He also mentioned he personally talked with immigrants gathered in the Keleti railway station of Budapest.

“I wanted to see them myself, as there is this talk, the Romanian state announcing serenely we are receiving them, too, we don’t know whether we’re ready. It seemed strange to me that most of them were young men, very well organized, and that when the cameras – present in huge numbers in the Keleti station – turn to some of the immigrants, they cover their faces. There are also very distressed people; but there are some very well organized, in groups, each group with its coordinator. They have a single goal – to reach Germany,” Dragnea detailed.

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