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December 1, 2021

Basescu, on candidacy for president of PMP: I need to become a member first

Ex-President Traian Basescu, who attended the summer school of the Youth Organisation of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) on Saturday, thinks it is too early for him to say whether or not he would be a candidate for the presidency of the party and notes that he will need to become a member first.
Asked by one of the participants in the summer school of the PMP Youth Organisation in Mamaia if he would run for president of PMP at the future congress of the party, Traian Basescu answered, laughing: ‘I will first need to join the party as a member. Do you want to change Tomac (Eugen Tomac, President of PMP – editor’s note) now?’
The former president has announced on 22 August, in the end of the Regional Conference of PMP in Alba Iulia, that he would most likely become a member of the party in the autumn.
‘I would close by assuring you that, after attending the Regional Conference in Timisoara, in Galati, Iasi, Pitesti and here, in Alba, I will probably not be your partner after the autumn, but will join your party’, Basescu said in Alba-Iulia.
On 18 April, ex-President Traian Basescu was saying he would not join PMP, because ‘the actors of the transition, at some point, need to take a step back’ and added afterwards, answering a question on the subject, that he would never join a political party.
‘Most certainly, in my opinion, the parties of the transition have done their duty to this country, all sins considered. The country is in NATO, the country is in the European Union, the country is safe now as we speak. But their time has passed. Like in any transition period, the actors of the transition need to take a step back at a certain point, need to make room for new elements of the society, new political structures that should not come with the baggage of compromises carried from the transition period. (…) For all these reasons, I sincerely think that a new party, such as the People’s Movement, is a party that can give hope and one that can be built to look like a beautiful party (…). This is also the reason for which I don’t think I will join PMP, but will continue as a partner of this party for as long as the party needs my expertise. I can assure you the time will come when you have enough experience to carry on without a partner’, ex-President Traian Basescu said.

‘I would like the unification of R. Moldova to happen during Mr. Iohannis’ term’

Traian Basescu also said in Mamaia that the following country project should be the unification with the Republic of Moldova and that he would like that to happen during the term in office of President Klaus Iohannis. Basescu noted that the project would be achieved in four-five years and the important condition is to have political will.
‘When I say a country project for the next year I do not mean a medium or long term. It is a four-five year project that needs to be well supported, argued and, mostly well financed by the Government in order to achieve the necessary interconnections, because, when you have projects like this, since R. Moldova is associated with the European Union, the EU financing is open, therefore Romania would only need to contribute the co-financing, it wouldn’t be a burden of debt for Romania, it would be a co-participation with much smaller amounts than the value of the projects. But the important thing is to have projects, to have political will on both banks of the River Prut for such projects to become reality’, Basescu said.
He argued that Transdniester could not be a part of the project, as it is not Romanian land.
‘I don’t want you to think that I hesitate pronouncing the New Transdniester phrase. To us, those who pursue the reunification of Romania with the Republic of Moldova, it is clear that it cannot be done with Transdniester embedded in it. Historically speaking, that was never a Romanian territory, it was an administrative move during Khrushchev, if I’m not mistaken, when Transdniester, within the former Soviet Union, was integrated into the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova, as it was back then, and territories in the South of R. Moldova were surrendered to Ukraine’, Traian Basescu explained.
He would like the reunification of Romania and R. Moldova to happen during President Klaus Iohannis’ term in office.
‘It is a national interest that bears no political colour and, as you well know, any survey in Romania will indicate that 70-80% of the population supports the restoration of greater Romania. I would like to see that happen during Mr. Iohannis’ term, why not, I just wish it did happen and, for that, one needs to open talks with Chisinau at official level and without detours’, Basescu said.

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