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December 1, 2020

H.E. Mr. Pande Lazarevski, Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Romania: 24 years of Independence

On September 8th the Republic of Macedonia celebrates 24 years of its independence, turning the country into a developed democracy, economically strong, advanced and successful; cherishing old traditions of coexistence, acceptance and respect for diversity, securing welfare and solidarity while creating fertile conditions for innovation and new technologies.

Despite the various challenges, the Republic of Macedonia managed to overcome the difficult circumstances and attain its rightful place in various global, regional and sub-regional organizations. Although much has been achieved, we still face challenges on our European and Euro-Atlantic path.

2015 marks 10 years since we became a candidate country for membership in the European Union, years filled with reforms implemented, work and a firm conviction in our European future. It’s also seven years since the Macedonian top leadership came in Bucharest ready to join NATO and was turned away because of our neighbour’s objection to our name.

The Republic of Macedonia remains firm in its determination to join the European Union and NATO. More than 80% of the Macedonian citizens clearly support Macedonia’s membership in NATO and the European Union. There is a good reason behind this. For Macedonian citizens, NATO means security and the European Union means prosperity. Together, they mean peace.

With strong dedication to reforms, the Macedonian Government managed to make Macedonia recognizable in the world as one of the top business destinations. Its stable macro-economic policy, low inflation, balanced public finances and a low budget deficit, stable currency and low public debt, as well as its young, educated hard-working and loyal workforce and flat taxes have made Macedonia an attractive business destination.

Republic of Macedonia continues to build a new, dynamic and export-oriented industry with products and services competitive on the European and world market.

We remain committed to our policy of openness and cooperation to all friendly countries, to develop a more favorable business climate and a more competitive economy based on knowledge and sustainable development.

Good-neighborly relations and regional cooperation with the countries in the region remain our high priority. The Republic of Macedonia has invested a lot of energy in creating an environment for a more successful bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation with the countries in the immediate and extended neighborhood. There are challenges, certainly, but we are committed to building good neighborly relation around us, and honest friendship with all nations and peoples around the world.

The Republic of Macedonia is especially proud of its traditionally good relations with Romania, derived from the strong traditional, historical and cultural bonds between the friendly peoples of the two countries and proven by the high level official contacts, including the cultural and academic cooperation that are permanently growing.

There is, however, unused potential in the economic sphere. Expectations are that extensive exchange of business information and meetings of businessmen from both our countries, as well as establishing direct flights and a bus-line between the capitals, will expand business possibilities and improve economic cooperation. Twining town initiatives might boost economic cooperation at local level, being supportive for increasing of business contacts but also tourist exchange between two countries. Also, for better prospects in economic cooperation, it is important to have much stronger mutual media visibility by presenting information related to the tradition, history and culture, economic possibilities and the business environment in both countries.

Last but not least, the Republic of Macedonia appreciates Romania as a country in which, many Macedonians who have not forgotten their Macedonian roots live together with Romanians. They are proud and loyal citizens of Romania, one more bridge of sincere and solid friendship between Romania and the Republic of Macedonia.

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