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August 12, 2022

Oprescu, last interview before being arrested: “Not all of us are thieves”

Sorin Oprescu has offered an interview to journalist Ioana Raduca, a few hours before being arrested by prosecutors who found he was carrying a sum of EUR 25,000, claimed by DNA to be a bribe and by lawyers to be borrowed money.
“It is an interview about projects in Bucharest, running for President, bribe, arrested advisers, family and medicine. In the light of recent information, I think that the most interesting part of it is the one on justice and commissions. Oprescu has pointed out he was afraid that the balance of justice is not accurate, that he knew he was clean and that he slept in peace at night, but he was scared by the avalance of thefts at DNA”, Ioana Raduca writes on her website, where she also presents an excerpt of her interview with Sorin Oprescu, the part where he is discussing about justice.
The General Mayor of Bucharest has confessed the journalist that he had been checked countless times by prosecutors and nobody was ever able to prove anything illegal as far as he was concerned, despite of suspicions that have surrounded him.

“Not all of us are thieves and criminals. (…) The idea is being circulated that everyone in the local administration is stealing, that they are demanding a bribe of 10 to 15 per cent. (…). What am I supposed to do? Should I spend my entire day denying it? I am minding my own business and my own path. This is not what scares me, but the balance of justice, which they say is blind. Justice must be blind and not open to interpretations but you see, many times, that the balance is not precisely accurate and you, as an individual, get scared. You get scared by the bad luck, not by having anything to hide. Everyone have their dark sides, everyone has something to hide, but it is not equal to committing crimes. Denouncing seems to have become the new national sport. The rows they make at DNA, just to feel that they have something to say… It is not something that feels right, I think we are falling into an extreme”.

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