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September 30, 2022

President Iohannis convenes CSAT for September 17, Romania wants voluntary migrant quotas: We can accomodate 1,785 refugees

President Klaus Iohannis has announced having convened the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) for September 17, where he is to unveil his opinion on voluntary migrant quotas being kept in place.

“The phenomenon is important to us because we are in the European Union, but in Romania there is no such pressure coming from this area. We can deal with the matter calmly, responsibly, displaying solidarity with the countries where there is a huge number of refugees. We should not react hysterically, as we should not display a xenophobic side of ourselves. We have to display solidarity with the other EU member states, but voluntary quotas should be kept in place. I do not believe mandatory quotas are the solution. I will unveil this opinion next week at the CSAT meeting. I convened the CSAT for September 17. The same opinion I will also unveil to the European Council in mid-October and I will also take into account the Government’s data. Preliminary data show we are entitled to request voluntary quotas,” Iohannis told a news conference at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He pointed out that Romania can accommodate 1,785 refugees.

PM Ponta: Those who kept us waiting at Schengen door now see they were wrong

Premier Victor Ponta said on Monday, in the context of ongoing talks on migration, that he hopes those who opposed Romania’s Schengen accession now realize what mistake they made.

“The discussion about migrants is not just a technical one. I say this: yes, Romania must assume all the obligations that fall on it in Europe provided that it also enjoys all the rights Europe has. I think that those who have persistently kept us at the Schengen door under various political pretexts now realize what mistake they made, that if the Bulgarians and Romanians … were not good enough for Schengen, how can they now turn to us with requests? I think it’s a time where we can truly discuss and leave hypocrisy aside,” Ponta said at the Palace of Parliament, when asked about the number of migrants who could arrive in Romania.

Earlier, in a speech delivered from the Parliament lectern during the Prime Minister’s Hour, Ponta said that Romania’s representatives will again raise the issue of the country’s Schengen accession at the JHA Council.

“In October, at the JHA Council, we will ask again, in a friendly and respectful manner, why Romania and Bulgaria are not even with the air borders inside the Schengen Area, which should have been done a long time ago, and perhaps this is the best moment,” said the Prime Minister.

PSD’s Dragnea on refugees: Do not to lose humanity while protecting Romania

The Social Democratic Party (PSD, main ruling party) interim chairman Liviu Dragnea considers that the issue of refugees requires a major correction of the management mechanisms for this crisis at European level, and believes that Romania must be protected.

“I have read your comments on the issue of refugees. I do not agree with all of these, but I share your bewilderment about the absolutely strange way in which they act, the fact that most of them are young men who speak English and exile those who are not part of their groups, and also other elements of this kind that make us wonder. Various European countries have avoided managing this crisis by trying to transfer it to other countries. This action manner shows us that a major correction of crisis management mechanisms at the European level is required. It is important for us not to lose our humanity while protecting Romania,” Dragnea wrote on his social media page.

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