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December 1, 2021

Activist Nicusor Dan to run for Bucharest City general mayor

Chairman of the Initiative Group of the “Save Bucharest City” Union (USB), Nicusor Dan, told a news conference on Tuesday that he wants to run for the office of Bucharest City general mayor in the 2016 local elections.

He added that he will come up with proposals for the bids to the six district mayoralties of Bucharest City from the part of the civil society.

Dan said he would accept backing from a political party provided that the backing would be for nothing in return.

“I would be happy with the support of any political party that wants to endorse my bid and does not request anything in return,” added Dan.

In his opinion, the activities of the Bucharest City Hall can be fair and he will make sure, if elected, to replace the judiciary director and conduct an analysis of the activity of each of the city hall’s directors.

“Our experience, and the experience of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) promises us to find many irregularities and they can be dismissed from office. A competition will be held for the offices of city hall’s directors and so we will have a network of competent directors,” Dan explained.

Dan ran as a non-affiliated candidate in the June 2012 elections to the Bucharest General Mayoralty. In 2015, he has launched the political platform called Save Bucharest City Union.

Dan sees prosecution of Bucharest mayor as confirmation of corruption within municipality

The recent action of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) leading to the arrest of Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu confirms the deeply rooted corruption at the City Hall, Dan told the news conference.

“DNA’s action confirms what the civil society and media said for a long time: the Municipality of Bucharest is a deeply corrupt institution. We already have a statistic, we have three mayors out of seven [editor’s note: the general mayor and three out of six district mayors] under arrest, and in every case we saw the already famous 10 percent commission; we have all the premises to say there’s a general corruption state in all seven local administrations. This is precisely why we’re launching on the streets a plan of general cleanup in the municipalities of Bucharest,” Dan declared in a press conference on Tuesday.

He announced the installation of 12 tents in nodal points of the capital next week, to collect signatures for implementing audits of past three years’ activity in every district administration.

“We ask every one of the seven administrations to request an audit on public expenditure over the past three years. We also ask a management audit for every director in every administration, by an international company, based on the management plan,” Dan detailed.

He mentioned that if the requests are rejected, he will ask for the resignation of the interim mayors and of the local councils.

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