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April 21, 2021

Chamber passes draft law concerning equal opportunity, equal treatment of men and women

At a plenary session on Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies passed a draft law concerning equal opportunities and equal treatment between men and women under which a National Agency for Equal Opportunities Between Men and Women (ANES) is re-established.

The draft passed 282 to nil and three abstentions.

MP Ana Birchall of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, major party, at rule), said the draft re-establishes Romania’s National Agency for Equal Opportunities between Men and Women (ANES), an entity in charge with implementing the equal opportunity and equal treatment legislation and monitoring the enforcement of the legislation.

In her turn, MP Andreea Paul of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) said a balanced gender policy is a clever policy, voicing PNL’s support for the draft.

The draft law amends and supplements Law 202/2002 concerning equal opportunities for and equal treatment of men and women in order to eliminate all forms of discrimination along gender lines from all of Romania’s policies and national programmes.

The main modification regards the re-establishment of the National Agency for Equal Opportunities between Men and Women as a specialist body in the central public administration operating under the authority of the Ministry of Labour, Family Issues, Social Security and the Elderly. The organisation and operation of the agency are being regulated, along with the reorganisation of the National Commission for Equal Opportunities between Men and Women (CONES) and its local composition.

The draft also cleared the Senate, with the Chamber of Deputies being the decision-making chamber in this case.

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