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December 2, 2022

Electoral Code Committee to discuss on September 15 draft law on postal voting law

The Electoral Code Committee was summoned on Tuesday, September 15, to discuss the draft law on postal voting, President of the Committee Mihai Voicu announced on Wednesday, pointing out that he hoped that, in two weeks, this project would be debated by the Senate.
Mihai Voicu mentioned that, on September 15, Committee members would have, starting at 12 pm, a technical meeting with representatives of the Permanent Electoral Authority on the topic of postal voting and that the committee would meet at 4 pm to establish the final version of the draft law.

“I hope that the draft law would be entered on the agenda of Senate discussions in two weeks”, Voicu added.
The Chamber of Deputies is the decision-reaching forum.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, has declared on Monday, in a press conference held at the end of the meeting by the PSD National Permanent Bureau that “at this time” he has identified ten highly important principles so that the draft law on postal voting would be passed by until the end of this Parliament session.

“The vote must be secret, it must not be denatured by fear or reward; it must be accessible; therefore, easy to understand and to complete by any Romanian citizen, to stimulate attendance to the decision-making process. We wish to install postal voting solely for national elections. It must be fair, discrimination of any kind should be punishable by law and the procedure of postal voting, regardless of whether it is by traditional post services or by electronic mail, must be free of charge for all Romanian citizens. It must be responsible, and the security of vote operations must guarantee that all attendants to this process are expressing their options according to their own conscience, without any fear of repercussions or threats”, Zgonea mentioned.

In response, Mihai Voicu mentioned on Monday that PNL has submitted in the Parliament a draft law on postal vote that is “completed” and that is beyond the stage of principles.
“Regarding the “ten principles” exposed today by PSD regarding postal voting, I would like to remind the fact that PSD has submitted to the Parliament, as early as March, the draft law that would regulate this field and that was written based on advice provided by organizations from the Diaspora, by specialized NGOs in the country, by AEP specialists and by representatives of EU states. I would like to mention, though, that the draft law proposed by PNL is a “completed” one and, as such, it has obviously gone beyond the stage of “principles”. The draft law submitted for PNL for legislative debate has the great advantage of taking into account the opinions by Diaspora representatives. I remind PSD that we should consider, first of all, the opinions of people we intend to help by this project and not so much the “principles” concocted in PSD party laboratories”, Voicu showed.

The draft law on postal voting has been considered a priority of the last Parliament session, as there were discussions at the Cotroceni Palace and a principle agreement after the Presidential elections. Nonetheless, Parliament parties have changed the electronic laws (the local elections law, the Parliament elections law, the party and electoral campaigns law) but they did not agree on a draft law, as four initiatives on this topic are registered at the Parliament.

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