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September 18, 2020

Insecurity at the top of the General Mayoralty: games behind the curtains

Since Sorin Oprescu’s arrest, full block has affected all activities at the top of Bucharest’s General Mayoralty these days. The two Vice-Mayors cannot complete the attributions of the General Mayors unless a General Council meeting assigns them these attributions. Sorin Oprescu still holds his position in theory and the prefect will certainly not issue the suspension order until the appeal submitted to the Bucharest Appeal Court is solved (under the circumstances that not even the motivation of Sorin Oprescu’s arrest by the Bucharest Court has been written yet, which makes it clear that the situation of insecurity will last much longer).
The issue is political, from this point on. PNL owns the majority in CGMB, the General Councilors from PMP have sided with PNL mostly so it would be no problem for them to impose their Mayor with attributions of interim General Mayor. Obviously, PSD would like to impose their representative, too, but they realize that it is not likely that they would win in the Council, in the case of an open battle, stiripesurse.ro reports.
Allegedly, there are two groups in the Liberal side, sources close to the news site announced. One of them would like to overtake the Mayoralty immediately and to impose a Liberal program so that, afterwards, the victory in elections, in Bucharest, would be very easy. Others say, though, that Liberals should not interfere with Oprescu’s Administration, that is closely connected to PSD, and that PNL should let Social-Democrats continue leading, to provide Bucharesters the chance to make a clearer distinction at the forthcoming elections. PNL would prevent any wrong steps in the shadow of the majority they have in the Council.
No conclusion has been reached so far. Most probably, they will attempt a solution that would fit everyone. A political pact at the Mayoralty of Bucharest.
It is yet to be seen whether PNL will overtake Bucharest now, or whether they prefer to wait for the elections, to overtake the power by popular support and not based on circumstances, the analysis published by stiripesurse.ro concludes.

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