Antiterrorist measures at Klaus Iohannis’ villa: the tunnel and antiterrorist bunker, reconsolidated

The restorations at Lake 3 Villa are still going on and new bits of information on the extent of these works are ran in the media, much to the delight of public opinion. The latest facts, partially confirmed by President Klaus Iohannis himself, show that certain consolidation works have been demanded by the Protection and Guard Service (SPP), a situation that explains why restoration works at the official residence of the President last for over six months, delaying Klaus Iohannis’ installation.
Therefore, RAAPPS started completing works at the antiterrorist tunnel found under Lake 3 Villa. It is part of an evacuation system for emergency situations, such as terrorist attacks, war situations and even nuclear attacks.
Iohannis will benefit of this antiterrorist tunnel as well as of the bunker it leads to. The bunker under Lake 3 Villa is specially built to defend the Head of the State in case of extreme danger. The room is equipped with all necessary things so that the President and his staff could live there for several days, without having to leave the bunker. Moreover, there is specific equipment inside for protected special communications, Romania TV reported.
“SPP demanded it to be painted, as well as the consolidation of a part of the building, destined to work as a shelter of some sort. Yes, it is true that specialists have demanded a consolidation of this building”, Romania’s President declared on Monday.
The security measures will be improved for Palace Cotroceni as well. Cotroceni announced an auction announcing that they wanted to purchase control and security equipment with X-rays and gates with metal detectors for antiterrorist search of all people granted access to Cotroceni Palace.
Moreover, new contracts were signed for the video surveillance of the inside and outside of Presidential Administration. For the protection of the Presidential family, as well, additional measures have been adopted at Iohannis’ private home in Sibiu, as well.

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