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June 29, 2022

Liberal leader Gorghiu: Court of Auditors not a “cemetery for politicians”

National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chair Alina Gorghiu says her party will oppose to the appointment at the Court of Auditors of Social Democrat Ilie Sarbu, the father-in-law of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, as the institution should not become a retreat for politicians.

“The Court of Accounts is not a cemetery for politicians. When one does not find one’s place in the Parliament anymore, they should not send him to the Court of Accounts. Let’s get serious! Take all the institutions subordinate to the Parliament or coordinated by the Parliament and you’ll see those dinosaurs of politics retreated there. It’s not like a region with pleasant climate, to live your pension days there. No! It’s a respectable institution in charge of monitoring public expenditure, where people must have a good reputation and be well trained,” Gorghiu declared on Wednesday night at the public television.

She mentioned she had “nothing personal” against Sarbu, but positions at the Court of Accounts should be given to promising young people with specific skills.

Should the Parliament endorse the nomination of Sarbu, the PNL group in the upper chamber of the Parliament would notify the Constitutional Court, the Liberal leader promised.

Senator Ilie Sarbu resigned from the leadership of the Social Democrat Party’s group in the Senate on August 30 and announced he is going to give up politics altogether and seek a position at the Court of Accounts.

“I don’t accept politicization of National Television Broadcaster, we’ll join ranks with UDMR”

Alina Gorghiu said on Wednesday that she does not accept the politicization of the National Television Broadcaster (TVR) and that the Liberals will join ranks with the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) if the government does not sort out the financial issue of this institution.

“I will not accept the change or the politicization of TVR, with the proposals coming from Mr. Dragnea or PSD, but I expect them and the Government to table a serious proposal to redress the National Television Broadcaster. (…) If PSD doesn’t want us to analyze things cold-headed and to the best of the public interest, we will make opposition and join into a common front with UDMR to find new ways to put pressure on the government to sort out the issue there,” Gorghiu told a press conference, stressing that she would discuss the matter with UDMR representatives.

She accused PSD of planning to politically subordinate TVR.

“According to PNL everything that happens in the public television broadcaster represents a failure of the PSD Government and personally of Ponta, the one who pledged to settle the situation back in 2012 by signing a memorandum in this regard. Probably Mr. Dragnea, Mr. Ponta and their fellows at rule forget that the memorandum was signed in 2012. But far too little was done subsequently, and I think the Government’s idleness has destroyed the public television. In three years things have deteriorated steadily, as debts reached over 150 million euro, and the institution’s accounts have recently been frozen. Our problem at the moment is that Ponta and PSD don’t want to save the public television, but to politically subordinate it, this is the only fear and certainty that we have,” said Alina Gorghiu.

She underscored that the “critical condition” TVR is in cannot get settled in the Parliament’s Culture Committees, but that the Government is the one that needs to take action.

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