Romania’s Ombudsman monitoring refugee rights observation

The Ombudsman is monitoring the observance of the rights of persons currently taking refuge in Romania and will be applying the same procedure in case Romania takes in more refugees.

Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea is quoted in a press statement released on Wednesday as having said that at a meeting with a delegation of the Evaluation Division of the Internal Supervision Directorate of Council of Europe’s Secretariat, with which he discussed the refugee crisis. The visit to Romania of a delegation of the Council of Europe (CoE) was meant to assess the efficiency of the CoE support for detention conditions in Romania.

Ciorbea is also quoted as having reviewed the activity of the recently established domain for the prevention of torture in detention centres, emphasising that nearly 2,000 entities with detention centres are being supervised. He added that a special report on conditions at detention centres and jails in Romania is nearing completion. It will take into consideration the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights in this matter.

At the meeting, Ciorbea underscored the need for ties between the Ombudsman and the Council of Europe being strengthened through training programmes and exchanges of experience between specialists of the two organisations. The CoE delegation said the liaison network between the Council of Europe and its member states should be strengthened so that the issues facing the latter as well as the issues tackled by CoE may be better known.

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